No. Code Subject name Sem. ECTS
1. CRT Drawing I 7
1.1. History of drawing
1.2. Basics of drawing
1.3. Drawing techniques
1.4. Fundamental elements of drawing: composition, lines, perspective, area, light, shading, values
2. RSG Raster graphics I 7
2.1. Creating raster documents
2.2. Raster file processing software
2.3. Preparing raster files for printing
3. MAT Mathematics I 8
3.1. Mathematical logic
3.2. Matrices and determinants
3.3. Integral calculus
3.4. Differential calculus
Students choose one subject from the following group:
4. TCN Technical drawing and descriptive geometry I 8
4.1. Fundamentals of descriptive geometry
4.2. Orthogonal projection of geometric shapes
4.3. Drawing standards and rules
4.4. Elements of technical lettering
4.5. Technical drawing and technical documentation
5. IIT Information and internet technology I 8
5.1. Hardware and basic hardware computer components
5.2. System and application software
5.3. Internet technology and internet services
5.4. Communication technology
5.5. Wireless and mobile technologies
ECTS I sem 30
6. TMT Theory of new media II 6
6.1 Contemporary theory of media after poststructuralism
6.2. Analysis of texts written by theoreticians and historians of art and media
6.3. Theory of new media and video game design
7. RA Visual basics
II 5
7.1. Basics of visual perception
7.2. Principles of composition
8. TIS
Introduction of contemporary art and design II 6
8.1. Origin and development of art and design
8.2. Contemporary movements in art and design
9. PRSG Use of raster graphics in design II 6
9.1. Tools for selecting raster units
9.2. Tools for transformations, retouching and coloring
9.3. Use of filters and vector elements
Students choose one subject from the following group:
10. FTG Photography II 7
10.1. Camera obscura, optics and chemistry
10.2. Diaphragm and exposition
10.3. Types of lenses
10.4. Author’s photography in graphics
11. PP Principles of design II 7
11.1. Modelling and simulations
11.2. Use of software tools in technical calculations
11.3. Making graphical documentation for a project
ECTS II sem 30
Total ECTS I year 60
12. E1
English language I III 6
12.1 Basic tenses in the English language
12.2. Vocabulary of everyday communication
12.3. Independent language use
13. VG Vector graphics III 6
13.1. Introduction to vector graphics
13.2. Creating vector files
13.3. Preparing vector files for printing
14. WD1 Web design III 6
14.1. Introduction to HTML
14.2. Website creation process
14.3. Navigation and defining navigation elements
15. 3DM 3D modeling and animation III 6
15.1. Modeling programs
15.2. Virtual space and polygonal modeling
15.3. NURBS modeling
Students choose one subject from the following group:
16. SPKR Social and legal context of IT III 6
16.1. Sociological aspects of computer science
16.2. Law in computer science
17. MEN Menagement III 6
17.1. The theory of management
17.2. Porter’s Generic Strategies model
ECTS III sem 30
18. E2 English language II IV 5
18.1. Understanding written articles from various fields
18.2. Training for successful written communication
18.3. Training for successful oral communication
19. PVG Using vector graphics in design II 5
19.1. Working with vector processing software
19.2. Using effects on vector objects
20. PTMA The practicum of 3D modelling and animation IV 5
20.1. UV model space
20.2. Shaders
20.3. Polygonal flows
21. WD2 Advanced web design IV 7
21.1. Layers and their use
21.2. Introduction to DOM
Students choose one subject from the following group:
22. DOZ
Sound design and production IV 8
22.1. Recording, processing and editing sound and effects
22.2. Production in Sony Acid Pro and post-production in Sony Sound Forge
23. VP Video production IV 8
23.1. Introduction to various audio and video codecs and formats
23.2. Working in non-linear video editing program Adobe Premiere Pro
23.3. Special effects in film, commercial and TV video production
ECTS IV sem 30
Total ECTS II year 60
24. E3 English language III – Business English for IT V 6
24.1. Business correspondence
24.2. Terminology of contemporary business
25. DP Publication design V 8
25.1 Prepress basics
25.2 Publication design software
26. VE Visual effects V 8
26.1. History of visual effects
26.2. Node-based compositing
26.3. RGBA color space
Students choose one subject from the following group:
27. MIM
Marketing and internet marketing V 8
27.1. Theory of marketing
27.2. Sales
27.3. Internet marketing
28. UP Project management V 8
28.1. Contemporary approaches to project management
28.2. Project management
28.3. Managing human resources in projects
28.4. Monitoring and controlling project realization
ECTS V sem 30
29. KI Corporate identity
VI 6
29.1. Elements of corporate identity
29.2. Corporate identity design for interior and exterior
30. EP Electronic business
VI 5
30.1. B2B and B2C business
30.2. IT business and entrepreneurship
31. POD
The practicum of design fundamentals VI 7
31.1. Primary, secondary and supporting elements of the practicum
31.2. Preparing the practicum for printing and electronic display
32. SP Internship (at Comtrade) VI 3
33. ZR The final paper with professional skills and career preparation VI 7
ECTS VI sem 30
Total ECTS III year 60
Total ECTS 180