Erasmus Policy Statement of Information Technology School

Information Technology School – ITS is an independent higher education institution, which provides basic vocational studies and master vocational studies in the field of information technology,electronic business, information systems and computer multimedia. The school was accredited in 2007. Information Technology School (ITS) was founded by two leading regional companies in the field of IT – LINKgroup and Comtrade. The professionalism and vast experience of the founding companies guarantee a quality education and a successful career.

Information Technology School – ITS is the first accredited private higher education institution in the sphere of IT in Serbia. In addition to offering quality in the sense of excellent conditions for studying, state-of-the art equipment and highly trained personnel, we prepare students for practical professional in IT while they are still in school. ITS graduates receive a diploma accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

Information Technology School – ITS, the first institution in Serbia to develop a Distance Learning Platform (a system for creating online courses and distributing knowledge via the Internet), implements Computer Based Education and Web Based Training, i.e. e-learning (an electronic learning system based on the use of modern computer and communication technology). We have transferred the entire curriculum to the electronic form, enriched it with multimedia, implemented interactivity and fully applied all concepts of e-learning, thus providing learning support to ITS students in the most efficient way.


Our mission is to create a new generation of IT professionals and make top-quality education accessible to all. Our task is to efficiently transfer applicable and current knowledge in the field of information technology. We constantly strive to provide students with high-quality, practical skills, a unique and cutting-edge learning environment, modern equipment and an academic program that will help them love their profession and have a successful career.

The goal of Information Technology School – ITS is to help career-oriented students to gain the necessary knowledge to enter the ever-growing field of information technology. In accordance with their needs, the students will gain the necessary experience to start a successful career immediately after graduation, given that they attend modern programs adhering to current standards, with clearly defined study goals and quality study conditions.

The following postulates illustrate the basic educational goals of establishing ITS:
● Innovation, development and transfer of knowledge through the process of state-of-the art education and scientific work in accordance with European and world criteria of higher education;
● A modern curriculum that gives students the opportunity to choose between study options;
● Creating a new generation of highly educated people as a significant contribution to the development of the global society;
● Providing students with skills that will enable them to be highly competitive in the global labor market; Training highly educated professionals capable of implementing their knowledge in the
scientific and technological development of the country immediately after graduation, thus
significantly contributing to the development of the economy and society in general;
● Transferring academic spirit, creativity and inventiveness to students;
● Strengthening existing and establishing new links with academic, economic and social institutions in the country and abroad;
● Fostering high academic values, such as integrity, collective spirit, freedom of opinion, responsibility, tolerance, objectivity, high demands;
● Providing professional and applicable knowledge that meets the new requirements of the local, national and international community,
● Permanent implementation of high international methods in teaching for the purpose of educating professionals that will easily fit into the global society,
● Ensuring high mobility of teaching staff and students in accordance with the creation of the European High Education Area;
● Application of the most modern technological resources in teaching in order to encourage students’ cognitive processes;
● Applying a quality assurance system in all areas of work with students.

ITS comprises the following sectors:
● Sector for Cooperation with the Industry and Educational Institutions;
● Sector for International Cooperation, Research and Development;
● Student Care Sector;
● Employment Sector;
● Sector for Maintaining Expertise;
● Publishing Sector;
● Public Relations Sector.


ITS enthusiastically supports the European agenda of modernization and internationalization in higher education. ITS embraced the Bologna Process from the beginning, as well as the European Research Area project, actively participating in the modernization of higher education across Europe, fostering links with higher education institutions in other parts of Europe and the world.

Participation in the Erasmus+ program is an integral part of the ITS strategy. The Erasmus+ program will enable increased mobility of ITS staff and students, as well as participation in European international cooperation projects. With its high academic standards and methods, contemporary higher education in Europe and the rest of the world has set the standards which all the countries that have joined the education reform need to implement in their education systems. The set educational goals at ITS are in line with such requirements and are reflected through its Statute, based on the current Law on Higher Education.

The main expected impact is the modernization of ITS that will enable students to become globally competent professionals and internationally engaged researchers, with improving the quality and relevance of our programs.

Selection of strategic partnerships

In the coming years, ITS plans to develop its participation in the international network of
higher education institutions and its cooperation with strategic partners. Our international partners will be selected according to several criteria, including compliance with the ITS mission and common goals at different levels. We would like to establish significant partnerships with specific institutions through projects, including traditional mobility, short programs, joint programs, strategic partnerships, research and cooperation with external third party organizations. Also, our goal is to establish partnerships in which we can have an open and honest dialogue that will facilitate the implementation of shared goals.

Among other things, we plan to cooperate and build a network with reputable higher education institutions at the global and European level, in the Western Balkans and Southeast Europe, in order to achieve strategic goals of the Republic of Serbia in science, economy and culture, as well as in other fields.

Information Technology School – ITS cooperates with other higher education institutions and promotes student mobility and the internationalization of higher education through student exchange.

Student exchanges may take place through international student exchange programs or on the basis of other agreements or contracts.

Visits by guest lecturers (including the Erasmus+ program) contribute to the international character of our institution. We want to provide an opportunity for our students to visit higher education institutions across and outside Europe, which directly leads to improved cooperation in joint curricula and multilateral research activities. ITS administrative staff will also benefit from international cooperation. ITS has established a special office to support students, teachers and administrative staff in establishing international academic cooperation. The Office for International Cooperation and Research, in particular, assists ITS staff and students in seeking and providing partnerships and supports their academic mobility, collaboration and research.

The Erasmus Coordinator is a member of the Office, which manages the activities of the Erasmus program and other forms of international cooperation.

ITS offers educational opportunities for students from all over Europe. ITS is an ideal host for students participating in Erasmus mobility programs.

The program will enable ITS to attract students from the European Union with lower income.

Equal access and opportunities are provided to all, without discrimination based on gender, race, color, ethnic or social origin, genetic characteristics, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, belonging to a national minority, property, birth, disability, or sexual orientation.

Our goal is to include participants from groups that are underrepresented in mobility (e.g. students/staff with disabilities, students of a lower socio-economic status,) and provide them with additional support. ITS is committed to enhancing the link between theory and practice in teaching and learning and to promoting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship by offering relevant learning opportunities. Recently launched Center for Career Development, an initiative of the LINK Group, aims to build the capacities and economic potential of students in the Western Balkans by fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and connecting higher education institutions and businesses.