Research confirms that quality mentoring relationships have significant positive effects on young people in various personal, academic and professional situations. In order to support the academic and future professional development of students, we offer them various resources and services of the LINK edu Alliance from the first moment they become part of our educational community, believing in their potential and actively working on its development. As part of efforts to provide students with optimal conditions for progress, ITS offers students help in the form of a Mentor Teacher. The student receives information about the Mentor Teacher at the beginning of their first year of study.

Taking into account various criteria such as the chosen study program of the student, the experience of the mentor, the academic field of the mentor and the number of mentoring during the year, ITS optimally assigns mentors to students-mentees.

Mentor Teacher for every ITS student

At the beginning of their studies, each ITS student receives a Mentor Teacher whose task is to help the student in academic development, use of available resources and career management. Students receive notifications about who their Mentor Teacher is and how to communicate with them.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a special relationship in which an older and more mature person helps a younger person by providing support, advice and encouragement. The Mentor Teacher is a very important link in the life of ITS and our students. The key characteristics of mentoring are: counseling, professional guidance, motivation, overcoming problems, support and the like.

The mentor has a very important role in:

  • finding appropriate methods and ways to overcome potential difficulties that students may encounter, especially during the adjustment phase;
  • helping students in better organization and mastering the learning material, and referring them to additional resources;
  • creating an atmosphere for establishing better relations between teachers and students;
  • recognizing the interests, preferences and affinities of students so that they can prepare for career development, and then refer them to a career management advisor;
  • recognizing the mentee’s potential and giving recommendations for students to get an internship or a job.

Benefits of mentoring for ITS students

  • direct communication with a person of authority and rich academic and professional experience that can help them achieve better academic and professional results;
  • better insight into one’s own possibilities and a better understanding of one’s own potential;
  • developing a positive attitude towards study obligations;
  • a sense of belonging to the academic community;
  • developing skills necessary for successful learning and mastering of the material;
  • improving academic performance;
  • personal and professional development;
  • development of entrepreneurial competencies;
  • improving self-confidence.

Use LINK edu Alliance resources and services to be more successful

Through the LINK edu Alliance, ITS offers students a large number of educational services and resources that can help them in easier fulfilment of student obligations, better adjustment and time management.