The coDEsign school of programming and design is organized annually by the Information Technology School − ITS i kompanijaLINK group and Comtrade, i predstavljaju idealnu priliku za sve koji žele da saznaju novosti iz oblasti IT-ja, usvoje nova znanja i savladaju nove veštine.


This IT festival is primarily designed for high school students, but it can represent the starting basis for everyone interested in programming, design, online marketing and analytics, website design or video game development, as well as everyone looking to expand their knowledge and inform themselves about the latest trends in IT.

Lecturers: The best experts from all IT fields

The coDEsign lecturers represent the best experts in their fields. The excellent professors from the Information Technology High School – ITHS, successful businessmen as well as the representatives of leading IT companies will hold lectures and share their knowledge with coDEsign students.

The lecturers and subjects vary annually, which means that each festival is a unique event. This means that you will always learn something new, even if you participated in earlier school years.

Each day – a unique event

Furthermore, each festival day is a unique event. Every day, the school organizes lectures for the public and everyone that is interested can follow the lectures via a live stream.

Aside from that, the coDEsign participants have the option to participate in interesting and useful workshops where they will learn to recognise, use and practise everything that they learned in lectures.

Each festival day will end in a trip, either to ITS or to a real business environment of leading IT companies.
For instance, in coDEsign 2015, students covered 15 subjects in lectures and more than 10 subjects in workshops.

Countless opportunities and possibilities

Aside from that, we organise many competitions. For instance, coDesign participants can test their coding, game design or website design skills against their colleagues, and the best students can win valuable prizes. Participants with original startup ideas will have the opportunity and instructions to realise their ideas.

The completion of each coDEsign festival will provide you with certificates that prove your participation in lectures and workshops organised by the festival. This valuable document is not only proof that the participants successfully completed the school of programming and design, but it also represents an excellent addition to their portfolios.

Each coDEsign school provides many opportunities for its participants. Use them in the best possible way!

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