The Council of Information Technology School – ITS represents the supreme governing body of this educational institution. The Council consists of nine members, including representatives of ITS, students and founders.

The ITS Council performs numerous functions in accordance with the Law on Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia and the ITS Statute. Some of the main tasks of the Council are the adoption of the ITS Statute, election and dismissal of directors, adoption of the financial plan, adoption of business and annual reports, supervision of property management, and decision-making on the tuition fee.

The Council also submits to the founder a business report at least once a year, as well as periodic reports as needed. In addition, the Council is in charge of adopting the Rulebook on the disciplinary responsibility of students, selecting the external auditor of ITS financial operations and supervising the activities of the directors in accordance with the Law on Higher Education.

In order to carry out the tasks that are under its jurisdiction more effectively, the Council, if necessary, forms working/auxiliary bodies, adopts the Quality Assurance Strategy and the Quality Policy, as well as the Rulebook on the criteria for determining the tuition fee. The Council also performs other tasks in accordance with the Law and the ITS Statute.

The head of the Council is Dr Aleksandar Kostić, professor of vocational studies.