To make learning even easier for ITS students, we have made it possible for them to review lectures and exercises via a recording in the video archive even after the live stream has been broadcast. ITS students can access the “Video Archive” option through the software-supported learning platform, which they can find under the “Learning Support” menu.



Students who cannot follow the stream at that exact moment, as well as students who want to listen to a certain teaching unit again, are given access to the video archive of all lectures and exercises. This possibility is especially useful when preparing for exams because students can go back at any time and listen to any lecture or exercise held during the semester.

Students can access the archive of lectures through the course itself. Navigating the archive is very simple and adapted to the needs of students. There is also an “Archive” link on the course module overview, where you can view recordings of all lectures for that course.

This is just another benefit that ITS provides to its students. We strive every day to improve the quality of studying at ITS and believe that in this way we provide students with a safe path to a successful IT career.