All ITS students receive a free TESLA tablet. Take a look at the limited edition TESLA tablet computer reserved exclusively for our students.

TESLA tablet

In their everyday activities, ITS students use state-of-the-art TESLA tablets, brought to them by the country’s leading IT company Comtrade.

All you need in one place

Each student receives an TESLA device used in the ITS teaching process.

ITS students use cutting-edge TESLA tablets in their activities on a daily basis. These tablets and a modern approach to education allow the students to have various educational apps, fast internet access and interactive instruction.

All you need is now in one place, accessible from wherever you are.

TESLA tablets, Comrade’s pride and joy, are proof that domestic companies can definitely create an excellent IT product, competitive in the global market.

TESLA tablet specification:

  • Intel® Bay Trail Z3735G Quad Core 1.83 GHz processor
  • Excellent IPS 7″ screen
  • Heavy-duty 3000 mAh battery
  • Slim profile
  • Latest generation GPS and Bluetooth

They also serve as proof that ITS students have all the resources for an education which is as good and as interesting as it can get.

The use of tablets in class is a new concept in education, a great way to facilitate discovery and learning, as well as solving certain tasks. It provides students with timely information, as well as more efficient communication with the teachers, who are available to them online 24/7.

Tesla tablet

Interactivity − new concept of education

The new concept of education implemented at ITS involves the use of modern equipment, projectors, interactive blackboards, tablets and laptops connected by wireless networks.

The students are actively involved into the teaching process. After each lesson, the teaching materials are available through the Android app. The students can also apply for examination via their mobile devices. They receive automatic email reminders about the application period and the exams they have registered for, and they can view the exam results from home.

All these benefits are an integral part of the learning experience at ITS. This mode of education considerably heightens the students’ involvement into the activities and discussions in class. Interactive teaching, which includes this mode of knowledge transfer and acquisition, has proven to be much more advanced and effective than traditional studying.