ITS uses an advanced platform for learning support, unique in Serbia, to facilitate their students’ coursework.

The learning support platform is created for the ITS students as an additional resource for mastering the subject matter, where the students complement their knowledge at their own pace, using multimedia materials, exercise tests, and communication with the teachers over the internet (chat sessions), which is all designed to maximize knowledge acquisition.

The platform is modeled after the world’s best platforms and continually updated to stay abreast of the latest developments in IT and provide optimal user experience to the students.

Online courses

For each subject at ITS, there is a corresponding online course on the platform, which you can use as an additional resource for studying and mastering the concepts you encounter during your studies. They constitute broader, additional online material, divided into modules and units. It contains a great number of teaching elements, articles, tests, as well as multimedia elements in audio and video formats.

HD production for video lectures

We are the first school to provide HD production of its lectures in higher education. For each subject at ITS, key units and topics, deemed especially important by the teacher and usually requiring most of the students’ time and effort to understand, have been recorded. The recorded lectures have been uploaded to accompany the corresponding lessons from the course on the learning support platform.

The videos were recorded in our professional studio using full HD cameras and state-of-the-art technical equipment. Image standard is up to the requirements of Europe’s TV networks (Full HD format, 1920×1080, MP4 compression, H.264 codec, 10 Mbps).

Online testing system

KWhat is the most efficient way to evaluate your own knowledge? By doing one of a large number of tests available in our database. For each subject there is a large collection of tests, divided into several groups, with hundreds of questions. You will assess your knowledge after each lesson and after a whole area. The system will automatically calculate the percentage, the number of points, and point out the errors that you have made, so you can return to the lesson and cover that part of the subject matter afresh.

Chat consultations with teachers

Another advantage of studying at ITS are chat consultations with the teachers. This provides an additional real-time communication channel, including a possibility of asking all teachers any questions you might need answered. You can also follow the record of previous consultations, which can be a valuable source of information if you have missed a session.