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The enrolment for the class of 2022/23 is underway, and the reduced prices are available until 30 September.

Full price Lump sum payment
(by October 31)
12 installments
(amount of one installment)
Number of vacancies
Information Technology 2650 2640 231 1
Electronic Business 2145 2145 188 4
Computer Multimedia 2420 2420 212 2
Information Systems 2145 2145 188 15
Master studies 3600 2860 250 1
ITS Information Systems

Information Systems

Acquire skills and knowledge in the areas of information systems, data analysis using software tools, databases, and business decision making using information technology.

Learn how to design, model, develop and manage complex business systems using contemporary information technology and software.

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ITS Computer Multimedia

Computer Multimedia

Turn your talent into a high-earning new media design profession.

The program encompasses graphic design, visual communication, multimedia, interactivity, production and dynamic visual principles.

Photography, publication design, web design, video production, audio editing, computer animation, 3D modeling, etc.

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ITS Electronic Business

Electronic Business

The academic program of the future. Learn the technical and business aspects of launching an e-business; learn how to create web apps and systems, as well as promotional and online sales techniques.

Learn the latest techniques regarding website planning, development and implementation, as well as those concerning online company promotion, website optimization and creating ad campaigns.

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ITS Information Technology

Information Technology

Become a software engineer in one of the best-paid profiles today. Master a wide range of tools, languages and technologies (Visual Studio.NET, C, C#, SQL, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, etc.).

Master the entire software design, development and implementation process, including the initial analysis, planning and design, coding and testing, and software installation and maintenance.

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Master’s degree in IT

Master’s program – Information Technology
The master’s program at ITS, a unique program in our country and in the region, provides you with skills in the most important areas of IT: cloud computing, data science, big data, mobile development, digital forensics, cryptography, data mining, advanced web technologies, software quality assurance, 3D modeling, etc.

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Enrolment for the class of 2022/23 is underway!

What students say about ITS

  • I cannot find a single drawback

    From the very first day, my impressions kept getting better and better. I even tried to find a fault, however, to no avail. All the elements are impeccable, the cleanliness of the premises, the attitude of our director, the attitude of our professors who respond to every call, email, consultation and so on. If I imagined the perfect school, it would be like this; and I probably couldn’t make it as good as it is.

    Đorđe Rašeta
  • I am very pleased and proud to have graduated from ITS

    I am very pleased and proud to have graduated from ITS. I am currently completing my postgraduate studied at the state Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, and I must say that ITS students are the only ones exempt from taking supplemental exams.

    Nela Savić
  • A school which provides its students with an exceptional three-year experience

    In addition to acquiring knowledge in various fields, attending ITS enabled me to get my first job. Thanks to the effort and dedication displayed throughout my studies, I managed to find a job at ITS right after graduating, as a member of administrative and technical staff.

    I had a top-quality studying environment, and good communication with the professors and other employees. The school provides its students with an exceptional three-year experience, along with the possibility to find permanent employment in ITS’s partnering corporations around the world, including Comtrade.

    Tijana Isailović
  • I would recommend ITS to everyone. The curriculum is constantly updated and modified to accommodate new technology, which is why ITS is a perfect choice for everyone

    I opted for ITS because no other college or faculty offered such a contemporary curriculum. I came to ITS without any previous knowledge about programming or databases. Nevertheless, I had no problem with the content because the professors put great effort into conveying it to the students. My progress is clear: I managed to get a job at Soft LINK as a C# programmer.

    Exam taking at ITS has been adapted to the Bologna Process, meaning that the students can complete the exams through preliminary exams, papers and tests. A great advantage for both the students and the teachers is the TLS system which provides maximum objectivity when reviewing tests.

    I would recommend ITS to everyone. The curriculum is constantly updated and modified to accommodate new technology, which is why ITS is a perfect choice for everyone.


    Vanja Mikulec