We all know how important daily recreation and sports activities are for maintaining good health and the functioning of the body. In addition to professional development, it is extremely important to devote time to a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular sports activities.

ITS cares about its students. Therefore, ITS provided them with a space that they will be able to use for sports activities after lectures.

Within the Comtrade complex, there is a Sports hall which is equipped with a parquet of the highest standard and top quality, as well as the most modern stands. It has a spacious corridor and a large room for all sports activities, as well as exclusive equipment for all popular sports – balls for soccer, basketball, volleyball and handball, hoops, mats, cones, a scoreboard and a table for table tennis.

You can exercise at the optimal temperature because the hall has air conditioning and adjustable heating.

We especially love the sound system, which can be controlled from the sound room, so the hall can be used for other activities, such as folk and standard dance practice.