You are about to make a very important choice; perhaps the single most impactful choice of your lifetime. The choice of the direction your studies will take determines the further direction of your life, and only by making the right choice when it comes to your future school can you ensure a secure job in the future, a high salary and the standard of living you strive for. If you have made the decision, have the ambition and the wish to study a serious and complex discipline – information technology, it is our obligation to invest all our effort into helping you in your endeavor.

We are the school that will teach you a useful, usable, lucrative and prestigious craft. You will become software engineers, web and print designers, IT managers, IT and e-business experts. And it will be just the first step in your career. Awaiting you are the positions as managers, development team leaders, business development experts, experts for the implementation of IT into all areas of business. There is a great future ahead of you.

You will have at your disposal – and I say this on behalf of the entire faculty, all my associates and on my own behalf – all our support, assistance and attention to make your studies the best they can be. However – there is always a however – what we do for you is not enough.

It is just a half of the work that needs to be done; one half of the equation. Another part is what only you can give: your dedication, your devotion; desire, hours of studying, written pages; your lines of code, kilobytes and megabytes of well-written programs, productive and critical conversations among yourselves, self-discipline. Your early rising, your nights at the computer; in a word – your determination and your hard work. Because – and I will always be open and sincere with you – without this, you are not going to fulfill the career that now stands in front of you as a promise.
At this school, we believe in the truth and we believe in knowledge. I will quote a part of the ITS Manifesto, document that briefly sums up the values that guide us:

“If knowledge is information in action, what we want to give to our students is the joy of learning. The joy of work and creation.”

We know full well that these words are at the brink of extinction. We want to instill some meaning back into them. I believe in you. I am sure that you have the resolution required in order to conquer all the uncharted territories and adopt all the knowledge we are capable of giving you.

This is why I invite you to become a student at the Information Technology School.

We look forward to meeting you,
Bojan Ristić, Ph.D.