Information Technology School is accredited as the first private higher education institution for IT.

The National Council for Higher Education has issued an accreditation certificate to the Information Technology School.

The National Council made the decision upon analyzing the entire documentation submitted by ITS. It is particularly significant that, throughout the process, they recognized the quality of our education process, our serious and dedicated approach, and the fulfillment of standards prescribed by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance.

This has placed the Information Technology School among the institutions that have been accredited according to the new Law on Higher Education. Thus, ITS became THE FIRST ACCREDITED PRIVATE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION for IT in the country.

Education that meets global standards

This way, we have once again confirmed the high quality of our programs, and achieved the very thing highlighted by our students, which is in full accordance with our determination to have state-of-the-art programs and top conditions, while complying with global standards and implementing all globally recognized methods of studying and conducting business.

By enrolling at ITS, future freshmen will acquire the security of studying at an accredited IT school which leads to a recognized IT engineer diploma.

Apply on time and reserve a spot in elite education.