Logging in and accessing the system

The address for logging into the platform designed for learning support is www.its.edu.rs/dls. You access the system with the username and password you have received. After the first login, you can change your password through the designated link on the page.

Using the platform

When you log in, on the left you will see the links leading towards all sections. You can use the learning support platform with any computer with a stable internet connection, which means that it can be used at home and at work, when you are traveling, whenever and as frequently as you find convenient.

Learning materials

You access the learning materials through the link Subjects on the platform’s homepage. The subjects page contains a list of the assigned subjects, i.e. courses. Click on a subject opens a window with the main information for the subject, as well as a list of modules with their units. Click on the unit itself opens a window with the unit’s learning elements.

Teaching modules and teaching units

Each subject (course) contains a certain number of modules, whereas a module contains a certain number of units. The next module is unlocked by passing the test for the module that precedes it, i.e. the condition for moving onto the next module is the completion of the previous one, which includes the completion of the module test and, possibly, the assignment that the teacher designated for the module (problem, project, paper). Assignments are included in the courses depending on the teacher’s methodology.

Teaching elements

Teaching elements are building blocks of the content taught. The elements can be in different formats (PDF, AVI, TLS, PPT, etc.), in accordance with the nature of the unit, and they are accessed through links at the top of the page. The opening of unit materials requires an internet connection, whereas already opened material can be viewed offline as well. The number of times the material is accessed is recorded in the database, as are the questions asked for the unit’s FAQ.


The platform contains progress tests, module tests, and assessments for the entire courses. The progress tests serve for knowledge assessment after each unit, while the module tests assess the knowledge after each module; the results of the latter affect the number of credits for the module, and, thereby, the final grade at the end of the course.