To achieve maximum results, the students of today need to fully utilize the benefits of modern IT.

Access to tests, study materials and study-related information through websites; book reservations in the online library, and the overall use of information systems significantly improve the students’ learning experience and its outcomes.

ITS utilizes the following software solutions:

ITS information system

ITS information system

One of the special qualities of ITS is its information system, which enables the integration and unification of all activities regarding the studies, making ITS one of the few educational institutions that provide such a comprehensive solution. You can learn more about the ITS information system here.

Testing and learning system IT school

Testing and learning system

TLS is a software solution that provides learning through computer-based testing. This program provides a way for the teachers and the school to simply and easily create tests, organize tasks and exercises, centralize the knowledge base, as well as automate the overview and the analysis of the achieved results. You can learn more about the learning and testing software here.

Distance Learning System IT

Distance learning system
DLS is an online learning platform for ITS students. Using this platform, the students can access additional learning resources in electronic form. The students can use online courses, tests and quizzes to check their knowledge and access a wealth of multimedia content in order to facilitate their learning process.

Student portal ITS

Student portal
This system is designed and implemented so that it provides a high level of comfort for the students throughout their studies, as they exchange information and knowledge with their peers and their teachers. Each student has an own web portal, available 24/7. You can learn more about the student web portal here.

Library software IT

Library software
The library software contains all elements required in order to efficiently manage the library. It provides the students and the employees with a simple way to search for book titles, borrow the necessary literature, follow their reading statistics, etc. The software is integrated with the student portal, so that the students can use the student portal to find and reserve the books they need. You can learn more about the library software here.

CMS IT internet

Content Management System
Content management system is a software solution for working with web presentations. Thanks to this, the teaching and the nonteaching personnel at ITS can offer the students high-quality, up-to-date information about their studies, through the school’s website and the student web portal.

Upon enrollment, the student starts using a dedicated email account. This email is used for delivering all software solutions used at ITS. The students can also use this account to receive regular information from the student service, as well as to communicate with the faculty and others at ITS, including their peers. This form of communication is quite popular among ITS students.