Find out why the number of students trusting ITS keeps increasing year after year.


1. Quality guarantee – employed graduates.

Successful and satisfied students are the best confirmation that our school offers top-quality education.

The fact that a large number of our graduates work in their line of profession is the highest recommendation and success for a school.


2. ITS diplomas recognized all over the world.

Our graduate Nenad Brkić from Switzerland, who completed the Information Technology program, says that the ITS diploma was recognized in Switzerland, with no need for a translation, including the level or education according to the Swiss educational system (FH or Fachhochschule).

ITS diploma provided Kristina Naumović, who graduated from the Information Technology study program, with an opportunity to continue her studies abroad. She is currently working on her master’s degree through Erasmus Mundus in Germany.

ITS graduate Vladimir Koković also graduated from IT study program, and his ITS diploma was recognized when he was enrolling in master studies at the University of Liverpool.

Thanks to the ITS diploma, his colleague from the same course studies, Velid Ali, continued his education in the master studies at the University of Izmir, in Turkey.


3. Studies within the system of the large company Comtrade.

ITS students are immersed in real business surroundings. They are in constant contact with around 1000 highly qualified engineers, who successfully do the job they are qualifying for. In other words, they are informed about what is in store for them after graduation. They are involved in their work, they become familiar with the business processes, through practice in the current Comtrade projects.


4. The most sought-after programs of today. And tomorrow.

The information technology sector is a huge potential for the development of economy in the entire world, and investing in it is one of the top economic priorities of today. Studies show that the jobs in this area will remain the most wanted and most highly paid in the job market, both in Serbia and abroad.

More than two thirds of all published job ads in the IT sector this year were designed for software developers. When it comes to other jobs, the following were also in high demand: designers, system administrators, SAP specialists, IT technicians, network administrators, and database administrators. The knowledge and title for any of the aforementioned jobs is acquired in ITS.


5. Modern practice at ITS.

Considering the demand for experts of all the IT areas, the students at ITS are given opportunities during their studies for specializing and potential employment. This is only possible if the school cooperates with businesses in the country and abroad, if the school keeps up with the current events, if it continues using the latest technology and if it can, to an extent, affects the solutions in IT on a global scale.

We can, and we do, on a daily basis.


Android application for robot control

In educational institutions, there is usually a problem with practice; here, at ITS, that is not the case. Through exceptionally advanced and innovative practice, students are constantly working on their knowledge, acquiring new information and actively preparing for a successful career.
One example is ‘Designing an Android application for controlling a robot solving a Rubik’s cube’. It is a project of designing a way to enable the user to control the movements and actions of a LEGO robot by using their Android device. Take a look at the solution of this unusual and very advanced practice, unique even on a global scale.

ITS students develop great apps

A specific example of acquired knowledge is great apps developed by ITS students on the project ‘Front end concepts for web and mobile applications’. Students developed a visual identity and functionality; the goal was to adjust the characteristics and limitations of mobile and tablet devices for the purpose of the application.


6. World class equipment and conditions.

We provided excellent spatial and technical conditions for our students. The space unifies several laboratory auditoriums equipped by computers and other equipment, a cabinet for theoretical classes and additional content. As for extra-curricular activities, there are sports facilities, a pool, a restaurant and an IT club. The facilities include a classroom with 36 high-end Apple computers.

Take a look at the details of ITS equipment.


7. How are we different from other schools?

The entire process of studying at ITS is based on using the latest computer and communication technologies. The board and chalk are obsolete in ITS, along with notice boards throughout the school, and there are no queues in the students’ service.

Maximum time-saving for students:

In ITS classes, we use interactive boards. Teaching materials are available on the student portal after every class. You can also access the materials through an Android app. Exam applications are registered online, via the student portal. The students automatically receive an e-mail as a reminder of the start of exam registrations, as well as the times of their registered exams. Exam results can also be viewed online.

All of this is possible thanks to the authentic software solutions, the school’s information system, the student portal, the platform for learning support and the ITS Android app.


8. LINK Leaders Park and LINK café for enjoyable learning.

ITS constantly invests in the development of the space for education in order to create an environment which will provide maximum freedom in learning for students, allow spontaneous exchange of ideas and help achieve success. This is why we created LINK Leaders Park and within it, the LINK café as places where even outside the classroom the students can be surrounded by the best, most positive, ambitions and successful people of the past and present. Because, this is where they belong – among the most successful ones!

LINK group ITS


9. Mentorship Support Program.

LINK Mentorship Support Program is designed for ITS students who are planning to advance their place on the market and ensure themselves a better position. Created to help them reach the jobs they want, as well as promotions and higher salaries, and above all, a sense of personal satisfaction, the program is the right way to complete their knowledge and perfect the skills they acquired during their education.

This program focuses on acquiring transversal skills, key to a successful job performance, as well as acquiring competitive advantages, attractive for future employers or business partners.

Practical workshops are conducted by program mentors, highly-valued experts in areas of their expertise. These are: entrepreneurship, leadership, developing personal skills, career planning and similar business qualities. Training is conducted by some of the most successful people in the business, exclusively those who have achieved great personal success and gained significant profits.


10. Apprentice Program.

We started LINK Apprentice Internship Program – a support program for the business success of ITS students, in order to help them fulfil their professional ambitions and help them reach their goals faster. Since every employer, especially the ones most people would like to work for, requires at least a minimum job experience, we ensure our students not only a CV filled with relevant references and routine in work, but also the most valuable of all – advice and secrets of professionals in their areas of expertise.

Certain in the knowledge we conveyed to students and their talent and quality, we try to complete the initiated process of education through work at LINK group, the founder of ITS, including the possibility of long-term employment.

LINK Apprentice program


11. CCD and partnership with employers.

Striving to ensure that our students get secure employment, successful career and satisfaction in the use of their acquired skills, we constantly form many partnerships with a large number of companies on a global scale. With the help of the Center for Career Development, ITS successfully works with a large number of domestic and foreign employers. That way, our students are on a position to encounter an ideal job position more quickly and more easily.

ITS students are primarily informed about new job ads in the most successful companies, and that way, have an excellent starting position compared to other candidates.


12. LINK Business Incubator, support program for starting a business for ITS students.

Innovation has always required the right support. LINK BI – Business Leadership for Digital Economy is a unique opportunity for ITS students to start their own business immediately after graduation. All of our students with original business ideas and no capital and other means can start their business this way.


13. The first school with an own television – LINKeduTV.

In order to complete and enrich ITS education, we provided our students with an entirely free access to the first online television in this region – LINKeduTV. It is an educational television with the primary goal of helping our students advance through acquiring useful skills and creating a successful career.

The categories which dominate LINKeduTV are: science, education, culture, management, IT, business, economy, career, marketing, design, etc.

eduTV IT


14. Dedication to education – nine-year education cycle.

The primary mission of our school is constant investing in the most advanced modern educational processes, because we deeply believe that high-quality education is key to a better life for our contemporaries, but also the generations to come. This is why the most important goal of ITS is to provide the students with an education that will prove to be the best possible choice for their future.

Our dedication to education is also reflected in the founding of a four-year secondary school for information technology ITHS, whereby ITS enables the younger ones to make a safe early step into the world of IT and general education combined in a manner that is neglected in the curriculum of most high schools. Specialized and master studies round up the cycle of education in the IT area in the duration of 9 years.


15. ITS’s alumni community – lifelong support in pursuing a career in IT.

Obtaining a degree is a very important step, but not the only one when you’re acquiring knowledge and building a career in the future. ITS perceives education as a constant, integral part of everyday life, which is exactly why the knowledge provided by ITS will give you the best results possible.
Information becomes outdated on a daily basis, especially in the field of IT which is developing continuously and very intensely. What you know today, you have to check tomorrow as IT and the online world constantly evolve and change. Every day, they offer you a plethora of new skills and possibilities. It is our responsibility to systematize this knowledge, compare it to what used to be true, and predict future change. Therefore, we are resolved to pass on everything we learn to not only our present students, but also those who have already graduated from ITS on a daily basis and we insist on an exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience within our alumni community.
We look after our students even after they’ve graduated. Our friendship and cooperation, which successfully lasted for 3 years, don’t end once you’ve been awarded a degree. As long as you’re inquisitive and eager to learn and you are able to do it, you can and should develop and improve yourself. We are always at your disposal because we believe that’s the key to success! And it is success that every school should guarantee you.


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