Find out why the number of students trusting ITS keeps increasing year after year.


1. Quality guarantee – employment after graduation

Successful and satisfied students are the best confirmation that our school offers a top-quality education.
The fact that a large number of our graduates already have a job in their line of work is the best recommendation and success for any school.


2. ITS diplomas recognized worldwide

Our graduate Nenad Brkić from Switzerland, who completed the Information Technology program, says that the ITS diploma was recognized in Switzerland, with no need for its translation, including his level of education which was recognized according to the Swiss educational system (FH or Fachhochschule).

ITS diploma provided Kristina Naumović, who graduated from the Information Technology study program, with an opportunity to continue her studies abroad. She is currently working on obtaining her Master’s degree through Erasmus Mundus in Germany.

ITS graduate Vladimir Koković also graduated from the Information Technology study program, and his ITS diploma was recognized when he started his Master’s studies at the University of Liverpool.

Thanks to the ITS diploma, his colleague that graduated from the same study program, Velid Ali, continued his education, that is, his Master’s studies at the University of Izmir, in Turkey.

Final theses of our students have a practical application

In addition to ITS degrees being recognized worldwide, the final theses of our students are used in many state institutions, educational institutions and successful regional companies.

The Customs Administration, in cooperation with ITS graduate Josip Bugarčić, has developed a series of sets and procedures to speed up the process of importing goods to Serbia via express delivery operators (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT).

The solution and the app designed by ITS graduate Bojan Vasić combined the technology of Augmented Reality and Computer 3D Modeling and thus enabled each customer to see how his new piece of furniture could look in any room. The implementation of Josip’s idea was the first of its kind in Serbia, and at the same time, it enabled the company Flame Furniture Inc. to present its products through an augmented catalog.

The final thesis of former ITS student Miroslav Vujičić improved the work of the Serbian Business Registers Agency (BRA). Now, all users of the BRA website can use the advanced search of data originating from the BRA database and obtain results containing all elements of the business name, such as name and headquarters, and for entrepreneurs, also personal name.


3. Studies within the system of the large company Comtrade

ITS students are constantly immersed in a real business environment. They are always in contact with around 1000 highly skilled engineers, who are successfully performing the job that the students are qualifying for. In other words, they are informed about what is in store for them after graduation. They are involved in their work, and they get to know the business processes in detail, through practice on ongoing Comtrade projects.


4. The most in-demand programs of today and tomorrow

The information technology sector is a huge potential for the development of economy in the entire world, and investing in it is one of the top economic priorities of today. Studies show that the jobs in this area will remain the most wanted and most highly paid in the job market, both in Serbia and abroad.

More than two thirds of all published job ads in the IT sector this year were designed for software developers. When it comes to other jobs, the following were also in high demand: designers, system administrators, SAP specialists, IT technicians, network administrators, and database administrators. The knowledge and title for any of the aforementioned jobs is acquired in ITS.


5. Modern practice at ITS

There is a constant problem of getting practice in educational institutions; at ITS, this is not the case. Through extremely advanced and innovative practice, students upgrade their knowledge every day, gain new ones and actively prepare for the successful career that awaits them.

Given the high demand for experts in all areas of information technology, the doors for professional training and potential employment are opened to ITS students while they are still studying. This is possible only if the school has established cooperation with the economy in the country and abroad, if it has all the latest information, if it uses cutting-edge technologies in teaching, and if it can, to some extent, influence solutions in information technologies on a global level.

We can do it, and we do it, every day.

ITS Project center

The ITS Project Center is the right place for anyone who wants to meet clients, design a project and gain professional experience on time, while still studying. ITS students in the Project Center are divided into teams, where each team has its own leader and each member has their own task, realistic deadlines and agreements on how each project should be implemented. Students are in contact with the client, with whom they have briefings, and thus agree on the details of the final solution. ITS professors, as well as expert teaching associates – engineers from the Comtrade, are involved in the whole process.

Android app for controlling a robot

One of the series of practical projects implemented as part of studying at ITS is the one called “Creating an Android app for controlling a robot that solves a Rubik’s cube”. It is a project for creating a solution that will allow the user, using their Android device, to control the movement and behavior of a LEGO robot. See what the solution to this unusual and highly advanced unique practice looks like.

ITS students develop great apps

A specific example of the knowledge acquired is great apps developed by ITS students on the project Front end concepts for web and mobile apps. Students developed a visual identity and functionality, and the goal was to adjust the characteristics and limitations of mobile and tablet devices with the purpose of the app. 

6. World-class equipment and study conditions

We provided excellent premises and technical equipment for our students. There are several laboratory classrooms with computers and other equipment, cabinets for theory classes and all other accompanying educational activities. As for extra-curricular activities, there are sports facilities, a pool, a restaurant and an IT club. The facilities include a classroom with 36 high-end Apple computers.

Take a closer look at how ITS is equipped.

Contemporary professional literature, that is textbooks written by ITS professors, is also available to all ITS students. Following the example of the world’s largest universities, more than 10 years ago, the Information Technology School – ITS started its publishing activity. As a result of many years of work with students, a large number of textbooks, notes and workbooks have been printed, and as part of our publishing activity, dozens of them have been published, the authors of which are the professors of this school, which ranks ITS among the small number of publishers of this type in higher education. All textbooks have undergone peer review and were adopted at the sessions of the Teaching and Professional Council, which further speaks of their quality.


7. What makes us different from other schools

The entire process of studying at ITS is based on using the latest computer and communication technologies. The board and chalk are obsolete in ITS, along with notice boards throughout the school, and there are no queues in the students’ service.

Maximum time saving for students

In ITS classes, we use smart projectors. Teaching materials are available on the Student Portal after each class, and you can also access the materials through a mobile app. Exam registrations are done online, via the Student Portal. The students automatically receive an e-mail as a reminder of the start of the exam registration period, as well as the date when the exams will take place, and you can also see the exam results there.

All of this is possible thanks to the authentic software solutions, the school’s information system, the Student Portal, the Learning Support Platform and the ITS mobile app.

Live stream and Video Archive of all lectures and exercises

A special benefit that ITS provides to students is the possibility of getting a Live stream of all lectures. Live streaming gives the possibility of following classes and exercises online. Students have simple and easy access through the platform for software-supported learning to the Live Class section, which contains links to upcoming lectures, as well as the date and time when they will be held.

An additional resource that significantly contributes to the quality of learning is the fact that all lectures are saved in the Video Archive, so students can watch them again, at any time, wherever they are.


8. LINK Leaders Park and LINK café for enjoyable learning

ITS constantly invests in the development of its educational space in order to create an environment which will provide maximum freedom in learning for students, allow a spontaneous exchange of ideas and help them achieve success. This is why we created LINK Leaders Park and within it, the LINK café, as places where even outside the classroom the students can be surrounded by the best, most positive, ambitious and successful people of the past and present. Because this is exactly where they belong – among the most successful ones!

LINK group ITS

9. Sports hall

Within the Comtrade complex, there is the most modern sports hall. It is equipped with parquet of the highest standard and top quality, as well as the most modern stands. It has a spacious corridor, well-organized changing rooms with separate bathrooms, as well as a large room for sports activities. It is on par with sports halls where major competitions are held. 


10. Evaluation of extracurricular activities

Apart from regular teaching activities, ITS supports and actively encourages its students to engage in various extracurricular activities. In addition to a large number of ITS clubs, where students can acquire and develop various skills that bring them additional ECTS points, ITS also evaluates other professional, scientific, artistic and social engagements of its students.

The extracurricular activities of ITS students include:

  • engagement in the work of ITS bodies; 
  • participation in various forms of scientific research and professional work; 
  • professional practice that is not provided for in the enrolled study program; 
  • participation in the work of official clubs initiated and organized by ITS; 
  • voluntary work in the local community; 
  • competitions at sports events; 
  • participation in national and international competitions; 
  • participation in the organization and work of winter and summer schools, workshops and conferences; 
  • engagement in the work and activities of students with disabilities, as well as in various forms of cultural, artistic and sports activities of different institutions and organizations.


11. CCD and partnership with employers

The Center for Career Development is an organizational unit of LINKgroup, whose goal is to prepare ITS students for entering the labor market and professional advancement, to connect them with employers and to provide them with support in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed in the modern business world. Most other faculties and schools are unable to offer this to their students.

Striving to ensure that our students get stable jobs, have successful careers, and enjoy using their acquired skills, we constantly form many partnerships with a large number of companies on a global scale. With the help of the Center for Career Development, ITS successfully cooperates with a large number of domestic and foreign employers. That way, our students are in a position to find an ideal job position more quickly and more easily.

ITS students are always the first ones to get informed about new job ads in the most successful companies, and that way, they have an excellent starting position compared to other candidates. 


12. Personal Development Program

The Personal Development Program (PDP) is designed for ITS students who plan to improve their position in the labor market and secure a superior position for themselves. Designed to help them get the job they want, get a promotion and higher earnings, and above all self-satisfaction, the program is the right way to supplement their knowledge and perfect the skills they acquired during schooling.

This program enables the acquisition of transversal skills, which are crucial for successful work performance, but also for the acquisition of competitive advantages, attractive for future employers or business partners. 


13. LINK Apprentice Program

We started the LINK Apprentice Internship Program – a support program for the business success of ITS students, in order to help them fulfil their professional goals much faster. Since all employers, especially ones most people would like to work for, require at least a minimum of work experience, we ensure our students not only a CV filled with relevant references and a work routine, but also the thing most valuable of all – 3 months of work in a real business environment.

Confident in the knowledge we have passed on to our students, in their quality and talent, we are trying to complete the process of education by providing them with work at LINKgroup, the founder of ITS, and with the possibility of long-term employment.


14. The path to guaranteed employment at the LINK2job Fair

The LINK2job Fair, which is supported by the Center for Career Development (CCD), is an ideal opportunity to present your knowledge gained at ITS to renowned employers who are looking for promising IT specialists.

This is an ideal opportunity to get in touch with a large number of companies where you would like to work and to whom you can immediately introduce yourself, give your CV or arrange interviews. The Fair is also the right place to get valuable employment advice: from how to attract the attention of an employer, and create a convincing work resume, to how to gain the necessary work experience as quickly as possible.

eduTV IT

15. Help in learning and building a successful career – whenever you need it

Statistics show that over 80% of students face learning problems at least once during their schooling, which can lead to stress, lower exam results, loss of motivation, etc. That’s why every student of the Information Technology School – ITS has a Learning Assistance Counselor at their disposal.

Moreover, the services of the Counselor are not intended only for those who encounter difficulties in mastering the learning material, but also for all students who believe that they can optimize the learning process for the sake of greater efficiency, better time management and better results. By studying at ITS, you will have the opportunity to receive help and support at any time for any problem you encounter. Thus, the path to the desired skills and knowledge will be wide open for you.

In addition to acquiring knowledge and skills, at ITS, you also get full support in building a successful career: free educational seminars, the possibility of working on real projects during and after studying, a direct connection with leading regional employers, professional orientation and the creation of a professional CV, as well as a chance to find a job at the LINK2Job Fair.

In addition, the help of the Career Counselor is available to students at any time. 


16. The first school to have its own television – LINKeduTV

In order to complete and enrich education at ITS, we provided our students with entirely free access to the first online television in this region – LINKeduTV. It is an educational television with its primary goal of helping our students advance by acquiring useful skills and building a successful career.

The categories which dominate LINKeduTV are science, education, culture, management, IT, business, economy, career, marketing, design, etc.


17. Dedication to education – nine-year education cycle

The primary mission of our school is to constantly invest in the most advanced modern educational processes because we deeply believe that high-quality education is key to a better life for our contemporaries and the generations to come. This is why the most important goal of ITS is to provide students with an education that will prove to be the best possible choice for their future.

Our dedication to education is also reflected in the founding of a four-year Information Technology High School – ITHS, whereby ITS enables the youngest ones to make a safe early step into the world of IT and general education from the first year of high school because the importance of IT is neglected in the curriculum of most high schools. Specialist and Master’s studies round up the 9-year cycle of education in the field of IT.


18. You get 100 free hours in coworking HUBs

As graduates of ITS in Belgrade, and thanks to our cooperation with IT hubs, you get a unique opportunity to use the support and numerous resources that these coworking spaces provide.

100 working hours for free, immediately after graduating, will allow you to use the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your studies in the company of a growing local IT community, and you will meet people with whom you can start joint projects and create new business opportunities.

Working in coworking hubs means that you will be able to meet a lot of people, and get their contacts and business opportunities, which is vital for the start of your career.

Surrounded by other developers, designers and IT entrepreneurs, as well as ambitious and creative people, you have a great opportunity to come up with new projects, ideas, business opportunities, and much more.


19. Free membership in the LINK2job employment agency, which helps you find internships and jobs in your line of work

As an ITS student, you get a completely free membership in the LINK2job recruitment and casting agency, which will help you get the job you deserve as soon as possible during and after your studies.

The recruitment experts of the LINK2job agency will prepare you for the future and guide you on how to use your time and resources in the best way to pursue the career you want. Through this membership, numerous agency services are at your disposal, including internships, volunteer work, freelance projects, as well as special programs that prepare you for a specific job position.

We want you, as our students, to build a successful career and find the job you always wanted to do during your studies and after graduation. That’s why we connect you with a large number of international and domestic partner companies and organizations where you can put your acquired knowledge into practice and gain valuable practical experience, which will enrich your resume and increase your chances of employment. Also, the agency’s unique service that is available to you is a free, special Custom-made program, which was designed according to the students’ needs, which qualifies them in all segments when it comes to the ideal job position and thanks to which you will be ready to enter the world of a successful business.


20. ITS’s alumni community – lifelong support in pursuing a career in IT

Obtaining a degree is a very important step, but not the only one when you’re acquiring knowledge and building a successful career. ITS perceives education as a constant, integral part of everyday life, which is exactly why the knowledge provided by ITS will give you the best results possible.

Information becomes outdated on a daily basis, especially in the field of IT which is developing continuously and very intensely. What you know today, you have to check tomorrow as IT and the online world constantly evolve and change. Every day, they offer you a plethora of new skills and possibilities. It is our responsibility to systematize this knowledge, compare it to what used to be true, and predict future change. Therefore, we are resolved to pass on everything we learn to not only our present students, but also those who have already graduated from ITS on a daily basis and we insist on an exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience within our alumni community.

We look after our students even after they’ve graduated. Our friendship and cooperation, which successfully lasted for 3 years, don’t end once you’ve been awarded a degree. As long as you’re inquisitive and eager to learn and you have the possibility to do it, you can and should develop and improve yourself. We are always at your disposal because we believe that’s the key to success! And success is something that every school should guarantee you.


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