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Design and manage the e-business of a company on the global market

The Electronic Business program will provide you with the knowledge and skills related to electronic business, electronic administration, electronic commerce, payment systems in electronic business, Internet marketing techniques, business information systems, management and information technology.

ITS program Electronic Business

The program is designed so as to enable students to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in modern business, as well as technical knowledge in the domain of programming tools and databases. Considerable emphasis is placed on security issues and protection mechanisms in modern e-business.

The end goal of an academic program designed in such a manner are highly educated individuals who, upon graduating, will be able to join companies of various sizes and operations that require experts in electronic business.


Choose your profile

The Electronic Business program includes 2 profiles:


E-commerce and Banking

Should you opt for the E-commerce and Banking profile, you will learn how to manage and organize e-commerce systems, or lead an e-banking team, in both banks and companies. You will study the concept, examples, model and best practices in e-commerce. You will learn about e-banking security systems and master the basics of cryptography in applied business.


Web design and Internet Marketing

The Web Design and Internet Marketing profile teaches the students the latest techniques for planning, developing and implementing web sites, as well as the techniques for promoting companies on the Internet, optimizing websites and creating ad campaigns. In addition to the techniques and technologies for developing websites, the students are encouraged to display and develop creativity and the freedom of visual expression in a digital environment.


What skills will you acquire?

The knowledge and skills you will gain upon completing this program include:

  • Ability to implement various e-business models (e-Commerce, e-Government, e-Banking, e-Learning, m-Commerce…)
  • Creating and maintaining dynamic web locations
  • HTML language
  • Principles and methods of managing projects and information
  • Data analysis in business
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online advertising systems
  • Online payment systems
  • Business application of cloud computing
  • Business aspect of social networks
  • Virtual organizations
  • Data protection in a network environment
  • Familiarity with forms of cybercrime
    and legal regulations in the domain
  • E-business security

The best learning environment

Lessons are mostly carried out in computer labs on 246 laptops. All labs are air-conditioned and equipped with multimedia equipment. Lessons are interactive; they include the use of projectors, a combination of auditory and practical elements in computer labs, with the use of computer equipment, as well as simultaneous activities carried out by students during lectures and individual work during exercises. Practical lessons are carried out in labs, based on the one student, one computer principle. The students enter and launch programs in software tools together with the professors. There are also additional features including sports courts, a swimming pool, a restaurant and the IT club. All features are located within the ITS campus.

Take a look at your learning environment.


Employment options

The students who complete the Electronic Business program will have the opportunity to find attractive jobs in the field of digital economics. Taking into account that an increasing number of business processes in companies of all sizes is based on IT application, the job offer in this field is constantly growing on a global scale.

The students who complete the Electronic Business program are eligible for the following professions:

  • Specialist for electronic governance
  • Officer in the sector of electronic banking
  • Expert in SEO/PPC
  • Internet Marketing Consultant
  • Community Manager
  • Engineer Business Processes
  • Project Manager
  • STG Power Power Brand Specialist
  • Senior Project Manager Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • E-Commerce Oparations Coordinator
  • QA Analyst
  • Web Marketing Assistant
  • Online Marketing Assistant
  • Branding Associate
  • Sales Executive
  • Expert in Business Process Management
  • Advanced Solution Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Web content officer
  • Web Content Creator
  • IS/IT Sourcing Specialist
  • Business Software Consultant
  • Technology Manager
  • Social Media Marketing Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Search Engine Marketing Officer
  • Financial Software consultant
  • Strategy Expert
  • Professional Associate in IT controls
  • IT Key Account Manager
  • Target Account Analys

Positions such as, e-administration Specialist, e-banking Officer, Business System Development Engineer, SEO/PPC Expert, Internet Marketing Consultant, Community Manager and so on, are just some of the jobs future graduates are eligible for depending on their interest and needs. The advent of new business models of organizing business entities in the form of virtual organizations expands the possibility of finding attractive professions in e-business, and enables educated individuals in this field to work for international companies from remote locations.


What’s next?

Get to know the curriculum and take a look at the descriptions, as well as other details at the Electronic Business academic program. Are you interested in other academic programs, as well? Learn more about the following programs: Information Technology,Computer Multimedia or Information Systems.

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