Improving talent and acquired knowledge in the most modern conditions

ITS helps students to professionally improve their knowledge and continue to develop their musicality, which is why it has provided them with the most modern multimedia studio, which is equipped with the highest quality musical instruments and devices. In the studio, all the students, especially those from the Computer Multimedia department, improve their talents and their musical knowledge using the most modern technologies available to them.

The multimedia studio is located on the school premises in Beograđanka and consists of a professionally equipped “deaf room” and a recording studio. Excellent sound insulation gives students the freedom to sing, play, and compose at any time, enjoying their talent and the complete creative process.

Professional equipment for unlimited creativity

The multimedia studio in Beograđanka was designed to help students improve their musical knowledge and channel their talent. The entire process is based on the desire for students to develop, improve, and perfect their knowledge. In cooperation with the professors, they can create and additionally work on their musical talent. Of course, good time, fun, and laughter are always guaranteed with music, which is an excellent basis for unlimited creativity.

Multimedia studio

The largest space of the multimedia studio is occupied by the so-called “deaf room,”  located in the right part, where the creative process of creation begins. The walls of this room, which can fit up to 20 people, are lined with spongy pyramid plates and insulated with mineral wool, with dividing plaster walls, which do not allow sound reflection between the walls, as well as outside the room, which provides excellent acoustic conditions necessary for quality creation of sound.

Here is a complete set of instruments and other equipment, consisting of a Yamaha keyboard, acoustic drums, electric guitars and a Marshall guitar amplifier, a sound system and dynamic and instrumental condenser microphones, including an indispensable part of all prestigious music studios – the Neumann U87ai microphone.


Recording room – the final finishing touch for a full experience

Through the glass of the soundproof wall of the so-called “deaf room”, you can see the other room which is also a part of this futuristic equipped multimedia studio, and that is the most important room – the sound room. While in the first room, the vocal or instrumental part is only recorded, in the recording room, it is mixed (the volume level of the instruments and accompanying effects is adjusted), and then there is mastering, which gives the song color and makes the tones fuller.

In the recording room, students learn about the analogue devices that are used to create songs. After the vocals or just the instrumental part is recorded, all the recorded components here are further processed using the Tascam DM-4800 mixer, which has a palette of equalizers and a wide range of compressors, which makes it one of the most sought-after mixers in the music world. Using the mixer, students create a new mix of signals, and using the UAD LA-2A and UAD 1176LN compressors, they create music without any noise.

What stands out in the recording room is the Mastering compressor SPL Iron, which is used for pleasant, melodic compression, and on the other hand, it adapts perfectly to modern conditions. Using such modern devices in the sound room of the multimedia studio, students have the opportunity to learn all the steps in creating a quality music track.

Recording Studio

Ready for an audience

Right in front of the stage, there is a space for the audience, who can sit here and enjoy the music created by the talented students of ITS. In this place, you can feel a complete atmosphere and get the full experience of the magic that is created as a product of the talent of the students and the most modern musical equipment.