A highly dynamic development is one of the features of IT. Every few years, entire concepts change, and the interval is becoming shorter from day to day. This is why institutions engaged in educating IT experts are expected to constantly enhance and adjust education programs to the development of Information Technology and the newly issued syllabuses of IT associations; this is precisely what we are doing at ITS.

In the ITS curriculum, we have included global computer science education standards, implemented top-quality programs and incorporated our founders’ experience after years of working in IT education.

Choose one of the IT educational programs:


Information Technology
– become a highly-paid software engineer

The Information Technology program will prepare you for the entire process of software design, development and implementation. It encompasses the initial analysis, planning and design, coding, testing, installation and maintenance of software at the location of its use.

The program includes working on projects in order to independently develop software solutions. Learn about algorithmic modelling, object-oriented principles, data structures, web programming, databases and query languages, app interface design, software testing and maintenance, elements of data and computer system security and protection.


Computer Multimedia
– turn your talent into a well-paid new media designer job

The Computer Multimedia program will prepare you for creative work through the use of computers and the latest design programs. The program encompasses graphics design, visual communication, multimedia, interactivity, production and dynamic visual principles, drawing, as well as theory and the history of art and design. You will master advanced methods and techniques related to the processing of digital images, sound, video, techniques of illustrating, animating and composing interactive multimedia content.



Master’s degree in IT
– obtain a master’s degree in Professional Information Technology Engineering

Master’s studies at ITS, with a unique study program in our country and region, provide you with knowledge in the most important IT areas: Cloud Computing, Data Science, Big Data, Mobile Development, Digital Forensics, Cryptography, Data Mining, Advanced Web Technologies, Software Quality Assurance, Advanced 3D Modeling, etc.

You will:

  • receive a top-notch and modern education in the field of information technology, covering both theory and practice;
  • gain competence to work with the most modern software tools;
  • be prepared for working in real conditions;
  • acquire knowledge and skills needed for applied research in the field of information technology;
  • improve business, writing and verbal communication skills, as well as teamwork skills;
  • find and get a job quickly.