What is student portal?

A system designed and developed so that it provides a high level of comfort to the students throughout their studies as regards reporting, and information and knowledge exchange with peers and faculty. Each student has an own portal available online 24/7, continually maintained and upgraded.

Why student portal?

The use of such portal connected with ITS Information System saves valuable time which would otherwise be spent waiting for different services, buying various forms, filling them, etc. The creation of such system allows for continual development and enlargement of the available knowledge base, which includes presentations from lectures, tests, published works, information on topics from the curriculum, etc. necessary for strategic study management.

Lecture materials

After each lecture, the teachers directly and automatically upload presentations to the student portal using the ITS Information System. This way, the students have at their disposal the entire content of the lecture, which can be accessed with no limitation. This is a quite useful form of publishing the subject matter covered in the lessons, which allows for making up for missed lectures over the Internet. This also eliminates the need for excessive copying and note-taking in class, because the full subject matter is available online, which focuses all the student’s attention in class to closely following that which is actually being taught, as it is being delivered.


A designated section of the portal serves for preliminary applications for the exams that the student wants to take. After the application period, one can access the timetable of exams with their locations, which eliminates the need of coming to school merely in order to learn when will which exam take place and where. After the examination, the student can access the grades and results from the exam.

Teaching calendar and timetable

At any time, the students can access the current timetable of lectures, practice classes and consultations. Also, this part of the portal provides a full overview of workdays, holidays, as well as enrollment and exam application periods.

Activity overview

The user can use this subportal to view the status of any obligations undertaken regarding any of the subjects from the curriculum, as well as gain insight into own rights and obligations towards the ITS.


The teachers publish interactive tests online as exercise and assistance in mastering the subject matter. This facilitates the studying, rendering the students’ advancement easier and good results at the exams more easily achievable.

Online library

Online library provides continual insight into the contents and the availability of the existing publications in the ITS library, as well as data on the current status of the book (if it is currently borrowed or not) and the number of copies in the library, book description, etc. The student can reserve a currently unavailable book.

Personal card

The personal card contains information on the student available to the student to update, which ensures its accuracy. The student can also change the password used for accessing the system, thereby ensuring the security from unauthorized login attempts. All personal information is confidential, available only to the students and the authorized ITS employees.

Study regulations

At any time, the students can also access the section of the portal dedicated to the publishing of study regulations, rights and obligations concerning the study process, other documentation and instructions. This is a simple way of ensuring that the students are informed about their rights and obligations.