You will obtain knowledge and skills, expertise in the most sought-after professions of today, applicable and practical knowledge, along with a diploma accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia.


Dedicated to education

NThe latest data regarding school equipment is the best proof of constant investments in education and the expansion of school capacities. For teaching and other purposes, ITS currently uses 246 laptops, allocated in 8 computer labs and several multimedia classrooms. We have significantly increased the teaching staff which now comprises more than 40 professors. ITS is also the founder of the Information Technology High School (ITHS), the first educational institution of its kind in Serbia.


State-of-the-art campus

ITS is located within Comtrade’s Technological Center, which enables the students to have the best and unique learning environment, and work in the largest technological IT center in the region. The space combines teaching capacities, labs for practical work, and facilities in which students can collaborate with engineers. The complex also includes sports courts, a swimming pool, a restaurant and the IT club. You will find everything you need at our ITS campus.

Take a look at our premises and equipment.


Cutting-edge academic programs

Information Technology School (ITS) is a private, accredited higher education institution that educates IT engineers. It comprises the four most sought-after programs:

  • Information Technology – students will receive training for the entire process of designing, developing and implementing software, including the initial analysis, planning and design, coding and testing, and software installation and maintenance.
  • Computer Multimedia – the program encompasses graphic design, visual communication, multimedia, interactivity, production and dynamic visual principles, drawing, as well as the theory and history of art and design.
  • Master’s degree in IT – the master’s program at ITS, a unique program in our country and in the region, provides you with skills in the most important areas of IT: cloud computing, data science, big data, mobile development, digital forensics, cryptography, data mining, advanced web technologies, software quality assurance, 3D modeling, etc.

Unequaled study packages

According to the students themselves, the services and the quality of education we provide are beyond comparison. Free textbooks, laptops, Microsoft software, international certification, convenient meal options, IT club with the best prices in town and so on. Standard and Exclusive packages. Take a look at the study packages and see for yourselves.


Software-supported studying

The following software solutions are used at ITS:

  • ITS Information System (IS ITS)
  • Testing and Learning Software – TLS
  • Content Management Server (CMS)
  • Distance Learning System (DLS)
  • Student web portal
  • Library software

We have switched the entire teaching program to the electronic form and enriched it with multimedia; we have implemented interactivity and fully applied all e-learning concepts, thus providing ITS students with the most efficient learning support.


Student Portal and Automatic Notification System

The Student portal allows you to download lectures, exercises and all lesson-related materials. It also enables you to monitor the results of preliminary exams, tests, as well as final results for exams, including the points acquired in pre-exam activities and the overall results in particular subjects.

All important information about your studies at ITS is sent to you via your student email. The Automatic Notification System automatically generates notifications from the information system to your email: date of unlocking online material, the beginning of the exam term, exam application date, exam date, etc. You receive all this information instantly via email.


Center for Career Development training and seminars

Center for Career Development is LINK group’s organizational unit, whose goal is to prepare ITS students for the labor market and professional development, connect them with employers and provide support in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for the modern business world.

Most faculties and school are unable to provide this for their students. ITS organizes these seminars for you and enables free-of-charge participation, with a sincere wish for you to expand your knowledge and learn new and useful things, all of which will provide a shortcut to employment and a successful career.


Learning Assistance Counselor

Statistics says that over 80% of students are faced with learning difficulties at least once during their studies. This may lead to stress, poor exam results, loss of motivation…

This is why each ITS student has at his/her disposal the Learning Assistance Counselor.

Moreover, the counselor’s services aren’t solely intended for those encountering learning difficulties, but for all students who believe they can optimize their learning process so as to achieve greater efficiency, better time organization and better results.

By studying at ITS, you will at all times be able to get help and support for any problem you may come across. This way, the doors to your desired skills and knowledge will be wide open.


The road to secure employment at the LINK2job fair

LINK2job employment fair, organized by the Center for Career Development (CCD), is the perfect opportunity to present the knowledge you have acquired at ITS to renowned employers searching for promising IT experts.

This is a great chance for you to contact many companies you would like to join, and present your CV or arrange an interview. At the fair, you can also get valuable employment-related advice: how to attract the employers’ attention, create a convincing CV, or how to accelerate the process of gaining work experience.


Acquire skills necessary for success

We are not just fostering your professional skills – we are also helping you develop the additional, transferable skills which are indispensable for any job, and your career in general. These are the so-called transversal skills which include motivation, teamwork, analytical and communication skills, confidence and so on.

This is why we have launched the LINK Mentorship Support Program which enables you to develop and enhance the aforementioned skills through a two-month period during which you will be working with top career development experts and the most successful entrepreneurs.


Professor availability

Successful and continuous interaction between professors and students is the foundation for successful and efficient learning. Students can approach ITS professors regarding any issue both in person, after lectures or during previously scheduled consultations, and electronically.

The communication with the professors is carried out via email, at any time of day, or online, through chat sessions. Chat consultations are held according to a previously arranged schedule and are attended by all interested students. In addition to real time interaction, they provide the option to subsequently view the consultation history and are, therefore, a valuable source of information for any student.