Do you like gaming and possess a strong competitive spirit?

We have great news for all fans of video games!

Information Technology School (ITS), as part of an international educational alliance, strives to keep pace with the latest innovations and activities. The LINK Educational Alliance, which includes ITS, is working on establishing the LINK eSports Association, the very first school esports association in Serbia.

Everyone who enjoys gaming as their favorite social activity will be happy to learn that the LINK eSports Association is establishing LINK eSports teams for some of the most entertaining team activities in the field of digital sports.

Great opportunity for fans of digital games

By taking care for each student and recognizing activities that will best contribute to their personal and professional development, the LINK edu Alliance provides its students with a unique opportunity to become part of the community that will redefine the concept of a 21st century athlete.

The plan is to organize mixed teams of students from the educational institutions within the LINK Educational Alliance to defend the values, colors, and spirit of their schools at regional and international tournaments. Teams will compete in various esports disciplines, playing some of the most popular video games, such as: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, CS:GO, Valorant, DOTA2, FIFA and many others.

The competitions are organized on a semi-professional level, thus providing contests the opportunity to turn their gaming enthusiasm into a profitable career.

In addition to developing team spirit, motor skills and learning important lessons about determination, sportsmanship and mutual support, these competitions also help children to develop a sense of belonging, encouraging them to enjoy the activity they love and enjoy, and even build a successful career out of it. This is why ITS has joined the initiative to establish a school esports club, having recognized many opportunities it brings.

Moreover, research shows that playing esports an hour a day:

  • reduces stress;
  • improves fast thinking, analysis and decision making;
  • helps strategy development and prediction skills;
  • improves reading and development of math skills;
  • encourages creativity and keeps the brain active;
  • stimulates concentration and improves memory and rational reasoning;
  • encourages following instructions, logic and problem solving;
  • improves hand-eye coordination and motor skills;
  • improves multitasking, as well as achieving multiple goals.

Numerous benefits for members of LINK eSports teams

Members of the LINK eSports Association will be treated as athletes in every sense. Although eSports competitions take place in a virtual space, they require physical and mental preparation and maintaining and nurturing competencies in order to achieve good results.

Members of eSports team will have the following benefits at their disposal:

  • professional training within the eSports hub, practice on the state-of-the-art gaming computers and Sony PlayStation 5, complete equipment, ergonomic chairs, and guidance of a coach;
  • fitness coach, responsible for players’ health, especially when it comes to encouraging regular physical activity;
  • available school counselor, psychologist and sociologist to monitor personal and individual progress of team members, along with their teachers;
  • special benefits so as to ensure top performance in training sessions and competitions.

Important segments of eSports:

  • Ecoach

Ecoaches, similar to traditional coaches, help prepare players for matches against other teams, working closely with players and team members, and offering advice, motivation, and identifying potential strengths and weaknesses.

  • Fitness coach

Helps players maintain their health and fitness through regular strength and endurance training.

  • Jerseys

All team members will be provided with personalized jerseys so as to proudly represent and defend the values and colors of their team and school..

Active participation in these activities:

  • encourages social activity, socialization and making friendships, teamwork and nurturing a healthy competitive spirit;
  • keeping healthy eating habits and regular physical activity;
  • improving skills, such as problem solving, analytical and logical thinking, with professional guidance;
  • organized participation at local, regional and international tournaments;
  • possibilities of networking with other educational institutions with active eSports teams.

How to join the LINK eSports Association?

If you are a student of the Information Technology School and you enjoy video games and digital competitions, and if you see yourself in the world of eSports, or have already competed at a gaming tournament, you are the right person to represent our new LINK eSports team!

However, if you are less interested in competitions, but want to be an analyst, caster, coach or volunteer instead, or if you want to participate in the organization of events, or simply cheer for your favorite team or build an esports community, the esports community needs you as well. The most important criterion for participation in esports is nurturing a love of this modern and unique sport.

Sign up and lead your team to victory!

If this call seems like a great opportunity to showcase your skills and competencies, sign up by filling out the application form, after which you can expect an invitation for a meeting with the manager of the association and coaches, where you will tell us why the team needs you.

Our journey begins in September. In the meantime, we will be forming mixed teams in different disciplines and equip a training center for our teams.

Join the global esports community and embark on a journey of triumph!