Study program / study programs: COMPUTER MULTIMEDIA

Type and level of studies: Undergraduate applied studies


Status: Compulsory

ECTS credits: 6

Course objective

Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of vector graphics they can use in vector processing software. Students will create vector drawings and illustrations in the latest versions of vector processing programs; they will learn how to transform vector drawings into raster for further processing, edit them and prepare for professional printing.

Course outcome

The students will master the elements of vector graphics: points and lines, Bézier curves and polygons; what distinguishes vector graphics from raster graphics and what vector graphics features can help us in storing and manipulating information and images; the areas of design in which vector graphics is applied; the basics of color theory, color combinations and relationships, the emotional and psychological reactions caused by colors, and the different meanings colors have in different cultures and geographics areas. The students will learn about color value scales and their importance, the main elements of a brand’s visual identity and how to build one using vector graphics, and the main features of typography. They will learn about font classification, the Van de Graaff principle, the irregular rhythm path in typography, monograms, how to build and design initials, standards in logo design. They will master the basics and elements of a book of graphic standards, spatial selection using vector graphics, 3D graphics design, dynamic communication. They will learn to perceive the visual world in a different manner and discover the advantages of vector graphics in design.

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • Introduction to vector graphics
  • Learning about vector processing software
  • Creating new vector documents
  • Document navigation,
  • Tools for selection, transformation and coloring vector objects
  • Drawing and editing vector paths
  • Using effects on vector objects
  • Preparing vector documents for professional printing