Study program / study programs: COMPUTER MULTIMEDIA

Type and level of studies: Undergraduate applied studies


Status: compulsory

ECTS credits: 6

Course objective

Familiarizing students with the basic principles of creating virtual 3D models and the acquisition of applicable knowledge.

Course outcome

The students will master the characteristics of different animation stages. They will gain knowledge of the following: pre-production, production and post-production characteristics, previsualization, the role of the storyboard, procedural texture, timing and spacing as the basics of animation, the role of the script in animation, the importance of curves, NURBS animation in the Maya tool.

They will learn about particle dynamics and instantiating, playblast, dynamic excitation, dynamic cloth simulation (nCloth), paint effects and blend shape deformers.

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • Introduction
  • Brief overview of art history
  • Terminology, concepts, production
  • Digital models
  • Modeling software
  • Interface
  • Programming environment
  • Workspace organization
  • Virtual space
  • Polygonal modeling
  • Polygon intrusion
  • Polygonal flows
  • Shaders
  • UV model space
  • Textures
  • NURBS modeling
  • Lighting
  • Rendering