Study program/study programs: Computer Multimedia
Study type and level: Bachelor applied studies
Course title: The practicum of 3D Modeling and Animation
Course status: compulsory

Course outcomes

By completing the course, students will acquire practically applicable knowledge and skills of Maya. They will learn to organize the workspace using the panel editor, to configure new scene parameters, to use tools for polygonal modeling in Mesh and Edit Mesh menus, to use the basic layer types, and to perform NURBS modeling. They will also learn about the appearance and applications of animation curves for scaling and translation, how to perform UV mapping. They will be introduced to the function of Bounding Box, functions of Placement Extras, Timeslider, Rangeslider, Playback, how to perform animation along a path, what deformers are and what they are used for.

Course content

Theoretical classes

  • Introduction
  • Brief overview of art history
  • Terminology
  • Concepts
  • Production
  • Digital models
  • Modeling software, interface, programming environment
  • Workspace organization, virtual space, polygonal modeling, polygon intrusion, polygonal flows, shaders
  • Model UV space, textures
  • NURBS modeling, lighting, rendering