Study program/study programs: Computer Multimedia

Study type and level: Undergraduate applied studies

Course title: Use of Raster Graphics in Design

Course status: compulsory


Course objectives

In this course, students will learn the details of the concept of raster graphics in order to apply the acquired knowledge and use software for processing raster documents. Students will process photographs using the latest versions of software for processing raster documents, and learn to manipulate, edit and prepare images for professional print.

Course outcomes

Through independent projects in the field of web, video and print design, students will apply their acquired knowledge in various situations, thus preparing themselves for future professional challenges. Through practical classes and analysis of adequate examples, students will learn the basic principles and steps in the creation of web layouts, animations, posters or magazine covers.

They will also learn the basic principles of web design, about wireframe and its functions, grid and its types, as well as features of current responsive design. They will use Shape layers, tools and their attributes, applying them to draw elements in their own web page, and learn how to organize all elements into a system of adequate folders and subfolders. They will be introduced to a short overview of the development and principles of 2D animation, particularities and wide applications of gif format, tools for creating gif animations, properties of Animation panel in Photoshop, after which they will be able to independently create animations using static images or photographs. They will learn the details about the properties of Photoshop brushes and Brush panel. They will master advanced photo retouching and apply their knowledge in various problem situations. They will also learn semantic, compositional and other  visual principles that apply to movie posters. They will have the opportunity to express their creativity in different projects and create original works in all fields of contemporary design. 

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • Introduction to raster graphics and the concept of raster graphics
  • Familiarizing students with software for processing raster documents
  • Creating new raster documents
  • Document navigation
  • Tools for selecting raster units
  • Transformation, retouching and painting tools
  • Correcting tone, brightness and color on the photographs
  • Applying filters and vector elements in raster documents
  • Preparing raster documents for professional print.