Study program/study programs: Computer Multimedia

Study type and level: Bachelor applied studies

Course title: Video Production

Course status: elective


Course objectives

In this course, students will learn the techniques of recording and transferring video material into a computer, as well as how to process and edit it. In addition to regular practical classes and examples related to modern video production, students will study the world of video art and TV advertising. They will learn framing techniques for special effects and digital post-processing of video material in PlugIn software. Regular practical classes and examples related to modern video production will allow them to enter the world of special effects for film, video and TV.

Course outcomes

Students will be introduced to the basic concept of video production, video file formats, file compression types, types of video containers, features of video files, as well as audio files. They will acquire practical knowledge of Adobe After Effects software in the field of text and shape animation, multilayer animation, photorealistic layer-based animation, animations based on the Puppet Warp tool, mask animation and the use of proxy objects, 3D animation and the use of motion graphs.  

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • Introduction to different video and audio codecs and formats
  • DV and HD camera recording
  • Using Adobe Premiere Pro software for non-linear video editing, basic tools and effects, rendering and video graphics, audio control in editing, preparation and authorizations of DVD media in Sony DVD Architect
  • Fundamentals of animation,  applying effects, working with Key Frame, masks, Solid, Text, Light and Camera layers
  • Motion Tracking option
  • Applying special effects in video production for the purposes of films, TV commercials and music videos
  • Opening and closing credits
  • Copyright and intellectual property
  • Advertising declarations.