Study program/study programs: Computer Multimedia

Study type and level: Undergraduate applied studies

Course title: Principles of Design

Course status: elective

ECTS: 7 

Course objectives

The main objective of the Principles of Design course is introducing students to the basics of the creative process in designing three-dimensional models, technical documentation and final model production (rendering). Theoretical classes are supplemented with practical classes, where students will have the opportunity to use the adequate software (Autodesk Inventor).

Course outcomes

By understanding the role of a designer in the creative process – design process, as well as developing a design logic as a sequence of creative activities aimed at a specific goal, i.e. creating a functional, aesthetically satisfying and cost-effective object (industrial design products/furniture/interior design, etc.), students will learn the basic principles of design, design concepts, as well as the methodology behind developing a concept, from an idea to the final product. Students will master the principles of design by developing new ideas, modifying or refining existing structures in theoretical and practical classes.

In addition, by acquiring knowledge of Autodesk Inventor software (software for 3D modeling, animation, product simulation and development of technical documentation), students will learn how to present a certain product (object) in a technical drawing, final production of three-dimensional models (renders), and animations that clarify the dynamics of a form (assembly) and the purpose of an object.

  Course content

  • Introduction to the principles of design
  • Design and modeling software
  • Introduction to Inventor, Inventor interface
  • Drawing sketches in 2D Sketch, modeling basic geometric solids
  • Developing prototypes, 3D print, basic modeling principles
  • Creating “products” – Extrude and Revolve commands
  • Design with restrictions and Sweep, Loft and Coil commands
  • Designing text and adding photos onto a model
  • Model modification – commands from the Modify panel
  • Context in design
  • Modeling Freeforms in Inventor
  • Dimensional and functional analysis in design
  • Creating models by merging parts in Inventor –Constrain and Joint commands
  • Creating an exploded view – Explode
  • Preparing technical documentation in a Drawing file
  • Creating final drawings and rendering