Study program / study programs: COMPUTER MULTIMEDIA

Type and level of studies: Undergraduate applied studies

Subject: DRAWING

Status: Compulsory

ECTS credits: 7


Course objective

The objective of the course Drawing is introducing the students to the fundamentals of drawing and visual creative expression through practical and theoretical classes. The students will master the basic drawing techniques, exploring form, line, surface and composition as the integral and elementary components of a visual art unit, using graphite, ing, charcoal, etc.

Subject outcome

The students will learn how to use a sketch in the early stages of creating a design, how visual elements and the principles of composition are used in visual solutions, the way the light models 3D objects, 3D object modeling using color, the difference between geometric, atmospheric and color perspective and their implementation in the representation of space. The students will learn about the relationship between line, hatching, texture and surface, how objects are drawn in space, color and its use in design, the basic types of fonts and the basic rules of their use in design, the use of symbols in design, the use of signs, icons and indexes in design. Through practical drawing exercises, the students will be enabled to draw independently and to visually represent their ideas. They will learn to use all building elements of a drawing during the realization of their ideas. They will learn to model 3D objects Naučiće da modeluju 3D objects from observation using drawing techniques of pencil, ink and charcoal. They will master the basic principles of proper composition through studying perspective, proportion and composition. They will learn how to use the basic building elements of a drawing and master perspective drawing. They will apply this knowledge on making designs for different purposes, developing their creativity and ideas.

Course content

Theoretical classes:

The course has been designed so that it combines lectures and practical work, in order for the students to better understand and master the skill of drawing. The activities begin with an introductory lecture on the history of drawing, the definition of drawing and its purpose. The students are then introduced to the fundamentals of drawing and drawing techniques. Afterwards, the basic elements of drawing are introduced: composition, line, perspective, surface, light, shadow, form, valeur, etc.

Practical classes: 

The practical part of teaching takes place in exercises and implies drawing from a model, drawing tasks for the purposes of mastering the teaching unit and working in combined technique with a subject of choice.