Study program/study programs: Computer Multimedia

Study type and level: Bachelor applied studies

Course title: Sound Design and Production

Course status: elective


Course objective

In this course, students will learn the techniques of audio and video material production and synchronization in Sony Sound Forge and Sony Acid Pro. In addition to regular practical classes and examples related to modern audio and video production, students will study the world of TV and radio advertising, jingles, music videos and other audio formats.

Course outcomes

Students will acquire practical knowledge and skills related to Adobe Audition, a tool for sound recording, production and mixing. They will learn how to use Audition Tool Plane, which Audition tools can be used in multitrack mode, purpose of Transport and TimeCode bar, ways to import materials into Audition, supported formats in this software, ways to select audio files in Edit Mode, and how to use envelops in multitrack mode. They will also learn how to use Fade In and Fade Out indicators, how to adjust audio input and audio output cards, how to add effects to a track, the purpose of the Send option on a track, control functions of the mixing console, how to record in Waveform mode, how to convert different audio formats (Codec, Sample Rate, Bit Depth), how to set selections on the audio signal, and how to edit selections using Cut, Copy, Paste, and Crop. They will acquire practical skills related to audio preparation and recording in Multitrack mode, and how to apply Amplify, Normalize, Studio Reverb, Full Reverb, Colorization, and Noise reduction effects. They will learn how to adjust the volume of an audio track on the mixing console and how to apply effects and EQ. On a practical example of a TV commercial, they will learn how to do sound, apply and edit audio samples, apply effects and mix.

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • Recording, processing and editing sound and effects,
  • Production and post-production in Sony Sound Forge,
  • Audio and video synchronization,
  • Production in Sony Acid Pro.