Study program / study programs: COMPUTER MULTIMEDIA

Type and level of studies: Undergraduate applied studies


Status: compulsory

ECTS credits: 7

Course objective

In this course, the students will gain detailed understanding of the concept of raster graphics in order to use the acquired knowledge in raster document editing programs. The students will perform photo editing in latest versions of raster document editing software, learn to manipulate images, correct them and prepare them for professional printinge.

Course outcome

The students will be introduced to the characteristics of raster image, its  će se upoznati sa karakteristikama rasterske slike, its specific qualities and advantages in practice. They will also be introduced to the functionalities of Adobe Photoshop CC, work in layers, selecting raster data in this software, as well as perform transformation on a selection and on a layer. They will learn to use selection tools, retouch, drawing and coloring and navigation. They will acquire detailed knowledge of Swatches, Gradient, Adjustment, Color and other panels, and learn how to perform tone and correction, and the fundamentals of retouching. They will use Point Type and Paragraph Type options for text input, as well as Character and Paragraph panels, for text editing. They will become acquainted with various filters available in Photoshop, as well as the options for content distortion and modification. They will master the functionalities of Adobe Bridge, Mini Bridge and Adobe Camera Raw applications. They will learn how to prepare content for different purposes, as well as all formats for saving raster graphics and their specific qualities.


Course content

Theoretical classes

  • Introduction to raster graphics and the concept of raster graphics
  • Introduction to raster document editing software
  • Creating new raster documents
  • Navigation within documents
  • Raster unit selection tools
  • Transformation, retouching, coloring tools
  • Tone correction
  • Brightness and color on photographs
  • Applying filters and vector elements in rastet documents
  • Preparing raster documents for professional printing