Study program / study programs: COMPUTER MULTIMEDIA

Type and level of studies: Undergraduate applied studies

Subject: Application of Vector Graphics in Design

Status: compulsory

ECTS credits: 5


 Course objective

Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of vector graphics they can use in vector processing software. Students will create vector drawings and illustrations in the latest versions of vector processing programs; they will learn how to transform vector drawings into raster for further processing, edit them and prepare for professional printing.

 Course outcome

Students have mastered the following: drawing using simple geometric shapes, drawing paths and forming objects using straight lines, gradient fills basics, 3D effects and mapping, revolve effect, extrude & bevel effects, object mapping elements, label design, typography transformation, combining raster texture and vector shapes.

 Course content

  Theoretical classes:

  • Introduction to vector graphics
  • Learning about vector processing software
  • Creating new vector documents
  • Document navigation, tools for selection, transformation and coloring vector objects
  • Drawing and editing vector paths
  • Using effects on vector objects
  • Preparing vector documents for professional printing