Study program / study programs: E-BUSINESS

Type and level of studies: Undergraduate applied studies


Status: Compulsory/Elective

ECTS credits: 7

Course objective

The objective of the Marketing and Internet Marketing course is introducing the students to the fundamentals of marketing theory, marketing management, marketing research, marketing mix, marketing information system, SWOT analysis, as well as the rules and strategies of internet marketing.

Course outcome

The students will learn about the elements of the marketing mix, the ways in which a research can be implemented for the purpose of successful sales, the techniques companies use in order to identify customers and their needs, the prerequisites of a successful sales conversation, the elements of effective sales presentation, the activities that need to be implemented in the post-sales process, how a propaganda campaign is planned, a company’s pricing policy and the factors that determine it. The students will learn how to create an internet marketing plan, they will understand the role of social media in in online advertising campaigns, what applications are adequate for the professional use of Twitter, how to create an internet marketing strategy, the principles of effective blogging, how to use contextual advertising, the tools used for CEO activities, the fundamentals of web analytics, the reasons for monitoring visitor statistics for a website, the techniques that should be used to advance web sales, the ways to determine the real market value of a company, the factors that play a key role in in the process of brand building, the fundamentals of MIS.

Course content

Theoretical classes:

  • Marketing theory
  • Marketing as business concept and function
  • Marketing management
  • Macro and micro marketing
  • Marketing information system
  • Marketing planning
  • Marketing mix
  • New product marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Offline and online marketing
  • SWOT analysis
  • Consumer behavior
  • Direct marketing
  • Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Telemarketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Sales
  • Marketing and sales on the Internet
  • Products and services adequate for internet sales
  • The principles of building a website that sells
  • Strategic internet marketing
  • Cyber marketing mix
  • Demographic characteristics, profile, categories and activities of users on the internet
  • Direct marketing on the internet
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Contextual advertising
  • Marketing on social networks
  • Other internet marketing strategies and techniques
  • Statistics
  • Tendencies in internet marketing
  • Post-sales communications and activities