Study program/study programs: Computer Multimedia

Study type and level: Undergraduate applied studies

Course title: Introduction to Contemporary Art and Design

Course status: compulsory


Course objectives

The main objective of the Introduction to Contemporary Art and Design course is understanding and mastering the basic visual elements and principles in art and design. Introducing students to historical and current trends in art and design. Understanding common values and principles, as well as their differences. Understanding the creative process behind a work of art, and most important principles in art and design. Understanding the development of art and design as the reflection of the spirit of the age and the society in which they were created. Understanding creative processes and creative thinking. Using latest technologies in the creative process. 

Course outcomes

By attending this course, students will learn to understand the creative process in art and design as the key to shaping visual arts. They will learn how art has been generated through centuries and the extent of its impact on the emergence of great civilizations throughout history. They will understand that it is a complex process closely related to the historical period and social relations, as well as dialectical trends in the creation of new values  in visual arts and design. They will understand what all observers are interested in, i.e. to recognize what it is that makes a work of art or design valuable, and how to create that value. They will learn the language artists use and elements and principles that make that language. They will also learn how those elements are applied nowadays, using the same principles and modern technologies. They will learn to adequately use new technologies and if they have power to accelerate and improve these processes in art, especially in design. Finally, through specific examples of art and real-life design, and analytical research projects and seminar papers, students will learn to synthesize everything they learned in this course and apply that knowledge in practice.

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • Introduction to visual arts
  • Basic elements and principles of art and design
  • Visual principles and fundamentals of Gestalt psychology
  • Origins and development of art and design
  • Common features of elements and principles in art and design, and their differences
  • Modern trends in art and design and the use of modern technologies and new media