Study program/study programs: Computer Multimedia

Study type and level: Bachelor applied studies

Course title: Corporate Identity

Course status: compulsory


Course objectives

The main objective of the Corporate Identity course is to understand the process, as well as the most important elements in creating a corporate identity as the basis of a strong brand, and to master the fundamental visual elements and other media and means in that process. Helping students to understand how designing different products and promotional material helps create a strong corporate identity in the market. Explaining and presenting the features and functions of corporate design using examples of the largest and best represented domestic and international brands.

Course outcomes

In this course, students will master the basic elements of a corporation as a complex system through its corporate identity so as to gain insight into its operation, and form the basis for further studies. Through the analysis of carefully selected examples of best practices, they will learn what makes the visual identity of a corporation. Through practical, project-based work, they will learn how to use key elements and principles in the formation of both visual and general identity of such a complex organization. They will also learn how to correctly apply all basic elements to create the visual identity of a corporation. Practical projects will help them learn how to use marketing services and universal standards for research, analysis and strategy designing, as well as to communicate with different cultures and customs in order to create a positive identity for their corporation. They will learn how to achieve visual recognition, and use it to promote uniqueness of thus created visual identity through a “personal touch” of their corporation, advertising it as better and more efficient with regard to their competition. 

Students will also be trained to use the latest software and tools to visualize their ideas as the final product of a complex corporate identity, as well as in the creation of a brand. At the end of the course, they will be able to independently apply all these elements to create a positive and innovative corporate identity, and to apply it with the use of new technologies and media as the fundamental and integral element to develop communication with their environment, consumers and business partners, to develop a brand, and to create long-term strategies for successful development and expansion of their corporation. 

Course content

  Theoretical classes:

  • Concept of corporate identity
  • Elements of corporate identity
  • Principles for creating a corporate identity
  • Logo design
  • Creating a book of standards
  • Designing promotional material and business documentation
  • Designing corporate identity in exteriors and interiors
  • Applying corporate identity in public transport
  • Designing uniforms as a major element of corporate identity
  • Website as part of corporate identity
  • Presentation as part of corporate identity