Study program/study programs: Computer Multimedia

Study type and level: Bachelor applied studies

Course title: The Fundamentals of Design Practicum

Course status: compulsory


Course objectives

In this course, students will learn all the details of making a portfolio that includes their best works from all courses that required such work.

Course outcomes

Students will learn the best ways to create a professional portfolio to present themselves as designers. Theoretical classes will teach them about the existing types and importance of a portfolio in one’s professional career, whereas laboratory exercises will allow them to apply all the knowledge they acquired during studies and practically present it in the form of a portfolio that showcases their works in the best possible light, and enables them to apply for design jobs in the future.  

Creating a portfolio requires the application of relevant software so as to prepare one’s personal presentation for printing and electronic presentation.

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • Introduction to the concept of a portfolio
  • Importance of the portfolio in modern society
  • Development rules
  • Primary, secondary and accompanying elements of the portfolio