Valentin Kuleto, PhD

Acting Principal

Profesor ITS Svetlana Anđelić
Svetlana Anđelić, PhD

Assistant Education Manager

Milena Ilić, PhD

Assistant Business Operations and Project Manager

ITS Aleksandar Kostić
Aleksandar Kostić, PhD

President of the Council and Assistant Accreditation Manager

Marko Vulić
Marko Vulić, PhD

Assistant Quality Manager

Ivan Anić, PhD

Assistant Director for Analytics, Research and Innovation

ITS faculty Goran Radić
Goran Radić, dipl. ing.

Executive Manager

ITS director Slavko Pokorni
Slavko Pokorni, PhD

Principal Advisor

ITS Miroslav Radosavljević
Miroslav Radosavljević, PhD
Milosav Majstorović
Milosav Majstorović, PhD
ITS Faculty Svetlana Jevremović
Svetlana Jevremović, PhD
ITS Jasmina Vukotić
Jasmina Vukotić, PhD
ITS Branislav Mitić
Branislav Mitić, PhD
ITS Jovan Ivković
Jovan Ivković, PhD
Nevenka Popović Šević
Nevenka Popović Šević, PhD
ITS Faculty Hana Stefanović
Hana Z. Stefanović, PhD
Ljubica Mihić
Ljubica Mihić, PhD
Šemsudin Plojović, PhD
Tanja Kaurin
Tanja Kaurin, PhD
Selver Pepić
Selver Pepić, PhD
Duško Bodroža
Duško Bodroža, PhD
Zoran Grubišić
Zoran Grubišić, PhD
Velimir Dedić
Velimir Dedić, PhD
Ljiljana Stanojević, PhD
Aleksandar Simović, PhD
Irina Tomić, PhD
ITS Biljana Velinović
Biljana Velinović, PhD
Miloljub D. Luković, PhD
Milica N. Jevremović, PhD
Dragana Sajfert, PhD
Slavimir Vesić, PhD
Aleksandar Šević, PhD
Ana Bašić, PhD
Đorđe Petrović, PhD
Aleksandar Đokić, PhD
Snježana Đokić, PhD
ITS Jovana Tošić
Jovana Tošić, PhD
Srđan Barzut, PhD
Vanja Stanković, Doctor of Arts
ITS Marko NIkolić
Marko Nikolić, Doctor of Arts
Ana Stanković
Ana Stanković, M.Sc.
Slobodan Tomić
Slobodan Tomić, M.Sc.
Mihailo Mlinar
Mihailo Mlinar, M.Sc.
Lidija Miletić
Lidija Miletić, M.Sc.
Ivanka Miljaković Jevtić
Ivanka Miljaković Jevtić, M.Sc.
Ana Đokić, Master of Mechanical Sciences
Maja Radulović Petrović, Master of Arts
Jelena Rubil, Master of Arts
ITS Aleksandra Rosić
Aleksandra Rosić, spec.
Ivan Mandić
Ivan Mandić, spec.
Mladen Radaković, spec.
Danijela Grujić, Vocational MS in IS&T Eng.
Andrijana Mladenović, Master of Arts in English Language
Tamara Precepa, Master of Arts in Philology
Snežana Anetić, Master of Computer Science
Dragana Grujičić, Master of Arts
Aleksandra Arsić, Master of Computer Science
Pavle Jovović, Master of Arts
ITS school NIkola Dragović
Nikola Dragović, M.Sc.
ITS Dragan Golubović profesori
Dragan Golubović, M.Sc.