Assistant Quality Manager

Marko Vulić was born in 1985 in Belgrade. In 2009, he earned his BA in management from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, with a thesis entitled Role of e-Banking in Enhancing Financial Services of Banks. He obtained his MA in e-Business and system management from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in 2010 with a thesis entitled Application of Mobile Services for Enhancing the CRM Concept of e-Education Systems. In 2013, he defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Model of Managing Student Relations in e-Education, at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (study program: Information Systems and Management, department: e-Business).

From the first year of his doctoral studies, he was a recipient of the scholarship intended for young researchers – Ph.D. students given by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia. In the capacity of associate at the e-Business Lab at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, he taught e-Business, Internet Marketing, Simulations and Simulation Languages.

So far, he has published over 20 papers in journals of national and international importance, and presented them at conferences. He was selected to write a chapter for an international monograph, and a paper for thematic proceedings of leading national importance.

He has participated in a project at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences entitled, Application of Computer Technics in Solid State Experimental Physics; project realized by: Faculty of Organizational Sciences, procuring entity: Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, City of Belgrade, 2011-2014.