He completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in the field of Computing and Informatics at Singidunum University in Belgrade, where, through his final works, he was engaged in the design of Information Systems and Database Protection methods. At the same university, he defended his PhD thesis entitled “One Class of Biometric Cryptosystem based on Convolutional Neural Networks”, in which he presented a pioneering approach to automatic feature extraction from fingerprint texture, entirely based on deep convolutional neural networks. The practical contribution is reflected in an innovative proposal for increasing the security of biometric data and the possibility of its application in high-end authentication systems, as well as in cryptographic systems when storing and managing cryptographic keys.

At the beginning of his career, he gained work experience in the economy maintaining computer and information systems, computer networks and other ICT-based systems. He spent several years working in a multinational company designing and implementing information systems and computer networks in its branches in the Republic of Serbia and surrounding countries. Since 2009, he began teaching and transferring his practical knowledge and experience to the students of the College of Applied Studies in Engineering “Tehnikum Taurunum” in Zemun (now the Academy of Applied Technical Studies Belgrade), first as an expert associate for Computing and Informatics, and then as a teacher in the same field, where he taught the following subjects: Informatics, Internet and Electronic business and Information systems. During his work at the Academy of Applied Technical Studies Belgrade, he was elected president or member of the Thesis committee for the defense of final, specialist and master’s theses more than 30 times. He made a significant contribution to the modernization of the Academy in the field of Information Technologies by improving the teaching process by forming internal teaching bases within the Center for Computing and Informatics, which he has been the head of since its establishment.

He is the author of several international scientific and professional papers which were quoted numerous times afterwards. His narrow areas of professional interest are security and data protection, cryptography, biometrics, electronic business and services based on Internet Technologies. Since 2022, he has been a part of the teaching team of ITS, where he is engaged in teaching vocational subjects within undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.