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Biljana Velinović graduated from the University of Niš’s Faculty of Economics in 2004 and from the Department of Mural Painting at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2010, acquiring a Master’s degree in mural painting. As a student, she received the award Vlada Todorović given for achievements in mural painting.

She participated in the realization of numerous national and international projects in the field of applied painting on buildings of national importance. She received multiple awards and recognition for her contribution in the painting and restoration of temples in Serbia, Montenegro and Germany.   

She was employed at the Faculty of Applied Arts as a teaching associate in the courses Drawing and Painting, and Introduction to Mural and Monumental Painting. She is currently in the final stages of her Ph.D. thesis at the University of Arts in Belgrade at the Department of Multimedia Art. She is the recipient of the ULUS (Association of Visual Artists of Serbia) award for the best work in the field of extended media for 2017.

She displayed her works in five solo and numerous group exhibitions. She is an active member of art associations, contributing to numerous projects of importance for the broader social community.