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Principal Advisor


Slavko Pokorni has over 30 years of experience in teaching electrical engineering, reliability, technical systems, IT, radar devices and other fields at numerous higher education institutions (Military Academy, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, ITS) in Serbia and abroad.
In 1985, he earned his MA in reliability of aircraft electronic systems from the Electrical Engineering Faculty in Sarajevo. In 1995, he obtained his PhD in military technical sciences (electrical engineering) from the Military Academy in Belgrade, with a thesis on infrared radiation.

He has held all academic titles, including assistant, professor and professor of applied studies. He was the head of department for 15 years and also managed a teaching and research team. He is the author of numerous teaching materials (textbooks, practice books, workbooks, scripts), and more than 100 scientific papers, some of which were published in international journals; his work has also been referenced in several foreign academic papers. Also, he wrote more than 60 scientific articles in the Vojska and AEROmagazin journals. He has supervised four PhD theses. He has managed or participated in several science and research projects, particularly in the fields of technical system reliability and application of infrared radiation.

Pokorni is a member of program boards, as well as a reviewer in domestic magazines and international conferences. He was a council member and president at several educational institutions (he is currently the president of the ITS Council). On numerous occasions, he was honored and awarded for his work, contribution to the development of educational institutions, and his achievements in both teaching and science.