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Ana Stanković earned her MA in graphics. In 2002 she earned her BA from the Graphics Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts, where she obtained her MA in 2007 with a thesis entitled Author’s Photograph in Graphics. She participated in several group and independent exhibitions. She has received several prizes and awards, as well as the national talent scholarship and the scholarship of the Republic of Norway. She leads and coordinates graphics workshops in several international colonies in the country. Since 2002 she has been a member of the Association of Fine Arts Artists. In 2008, she obtained the independent artist status.

She founded the Omnibus art studio, where she works on her projects in graphics and photography. She has years of experience in education, first as a lecturer at International School of Belgrade, then as a mentor to students at her studio, and finally as a professor, designer and teaching coordinator at ITAcademy in Zemun.

She actively participates in the fields of artistic graphics, design, photography and music.