He has been teaching the following courses at institutions of higher education in the country and abroad for 16 years (University of Novi Pazar, Megatrend University, Alfa BK University, etc.): Information Systems Management, Applied Statistical Analysis, Operations Management, Quality Management, and Project Management.

He obtained his master’s degree in the field of IT application in small and medium enterprises in 2004 from the BK University. He defended his first doctoral thesis in the field of application of information systems in e-business in 2008 at the same university, and obtained his second PhD in 2009 in the field of statistical analysis and econometrics from the Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skoplje.

In his career, he has been elected to all academic positions – from a teaching fellow to a tenured professor. He had been the head of the department for four years, and a member of the University Senate for over a decade. He had also worked as a visiting professor at the universities in the region and beyond. He has written three textbooks and more than a 100 scientific and research papers that have been cited over 150 times. He has overseen the writing of two doctoral theses as a mentor. He is a member of the editorial boards of several journals, and the editor-in-chief of the Socioeconomica journal. He has participated in numerous scientific research projects, especially in the field of IT application as a way to increase companies’ competitiveness.

In addition to scientific research, he is an active member of the wider community, and his most notable positions include the founder of the Center for the Application of New and Innovative Technologies, as well as the position of coordinator for the Regional Innovation Start-up Center in Novi Pazar. He has been active in the IT industry for a long time, managing projects for the development and maintenance of information systems that are actively used both in Serbia and abroad.