Prof. dr Valentin Kuleto is the president of the international company LINKgroup, a regional leader in the field of primary, secondary, higher and professional education, Distance Learning education and the production of educational software.

LINKgroup consists of the following educational institutions: Primary School Savremena, four secondary schools – International School, Information Technology High School (ITHS), Savremena Gimnazija and Allison Academy, higher education institutions – Information Technology School (ITS) and Faculty of Contemporary Arts, as well as LINK Professional Education (ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and InternetAcademy). In addition to these institutions, LINKgroup also includes the Institute of Contemporary Education and the ed-tech company SoftLink, along with more than 40 educational services gathered under the unique brand of the LINKgroup Educational Alliance.

Professor Valentin Kuleto has a master’s degree in the implementation of a software platform for distance learning and a PhD in research on an adaptive personalized model of a distance learning system.

Dr Kuleto’s engagement in the field of education is focused on research, technology, and development with the aim of continuous improvement of the quality of education.

He is the author of several books, monographs, as well as scientific and professional papers published in journals, proceedings of national and international conferences and scientific monographs of international importance.


During his decades-long career, Dr Kuleto managed the development and implementation of various educational and software solutions. Dr Kuleto has successfully led and implemented a large number of corporate projects in the field of IT and e-business, standing out as their originator, designer and leader of their implementation.

Dr Kuleto’s involvement in the field of education is primarily focused on promoting the importance of education, but also the professions of engineers and managers as key links in the development of the economy, industry and society as a whole. His efforts are constantly directed towards improving the overall quality of education, research, technology and development.

Dr Kuleto’s scientific research focuses mainly on e-business, designing and implementing educational software and distance learning.

His activity, vision and energy redefine, develop and improve education every day in a way that suits modern society and the needs of its citizens.


From the very beginning of his academic and then entrepreneurship journey, Dr Valentin Kuleto has been dedicated to innovation and development. That is why, together with his employees, associates and business partners, he constantly works on improving existing services, but also on creating new ones that improve business and raise it to a higher level.

We respect the past, but we are constantly focused on the future.


In modern times, there is only one law: if you are not progressing, it means you are regressing. There is no status quo, nor being satisfied enough with what has been achieved in key areas of modern life such as education and business. That is why Dr Kuleto provides selfless support for new products and creative ideas.

Clients, course attendees, employees, or anyone with a good idea or product, can expect support in its implementation. Instead of bureaucratic apathy, he encourages experimentation through all business endeavors.

Let’s make innovations easier. Instead of hindering them, let’s enable them!


The main areas in which Dr Kuleto is interested in his work – education and business – are crucial for any society. By improving their quality on a global level, he aims to contribute to overall social development, values and progress. Through shaping experts, connecting companies with employees, and various educational and humanitarian projects, Dr Kuleto, primarily through LINKgroup, is committed to leaving behind a legacy based on which the future will change for the better. 

Changes require vision, and the ability to plan and act. Changes don’t start in offices, in meetings, or in planning folders. Changes start in our heads.


The company’s value is people. Their energy, knowledge and commitment are the main reason for good results. That’s why Dr Kuleto is focused on helping people become successful through a developed training network, and numerous support services that make clients, partners and employees achieve incredible results.

Let’s bring talented people out of the shadows.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful leaders is the ability to solve problems: successful ones are aware that meetings should be attended by those who can help the most, not by those with the highest rank. Following the principle that knowledge takes precedence over job title is one of the secrets of Dr Kuleto’s success.


The age in which the new generations grow up is significantly different from all the previous ones. The way they learn, engage in the world, create and share their knowledge and achievements with others has changed.

Quality education is the basis for the progress and success of individuals and society.

The main idea that Dr Kuleto implements in doing business and creating is that every individual who chooses to study at any LINKgroup institution will be adequately prepared to achieve success in the dynamic world that the future will bring.