Svetlana Jevremović earned her BA in cybernetics from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade. At the same faculty, Svetlana completed her postgraduate studies in Internet Technology and earned her MA in e-Business. She wrote her specialist paper on e-Education, and her master’s thesis on adaptive e-Education for the Java programming language. She earned her PhD in informatics from the Singidunum University in Belgrade with a thesis entitled A Supplement to the Development of an Adaptive e-Education Model.

The results of her MA and PhD theses were published in several international journals with the impact factor, in journals of national importance, as well as conference proceedings of international and national importance.

She acquired her ten-year teaching experience at the Technical College in Šabac, where she taught several subjects in engineering informatics, algorithms and programming, databases, management and information systems, methodology of informatics education. As a mentor, she supervised 57 final papers and theses.
Her areas of interest in science include: internet technology, e-Education, e-Business, object-oriented programming – Java.