Study program: E-BUSINESS

Subject: Sales and Sales Management

Status: compulsory

ECTS credits: 7

Course objective

Sales and Sales Management constitute a specific specialized discipline founded on the adopted knowledge of sales, market research, management, psychology and information technology.

The objective of this course is to ensure that the students understand the specific characteristics of sales, traditional as well as electronic; learn the specific characteristics of the Internet as a sales channel, as well as adopt certain operational, applicable knowledge from the realm of sales and sales management.

Course outcome

The students will learn about the elements that are important for determining a sales strategy; they will perceive and understand the reasons that lead to a decline in sales, as well as steps that ought to be taken as countermeasures,  the basic elements involved in sales management, the importance of observing a certain order of activities, the importance of proper training of sales employees; they will learn how to make an operations plan for field sales, the place and importance of market research from the standpoint of customer’s perception; they will learn to recognize and create a research plan in accordance with high professional standards. The students will be able to create a detailed systematization of the competences that a sales manager should possess, and learn to independently create the forms for monitoring a salesperson’s field activities, as well as the activities of the competition; they will learn to recognize the opinions and expectations of the customers and the factors that affect the spending habits, master the techniques for precise calculation of the market potential of a certain market; they will understand and be able to implement different sales strategies. They will acquire practical knowledge from CRM, the key activities that take place regarding customer complaint resolution, they will learn the principles of sales team training, as well as how the member of a sales team are motivated toward achievement; they will learn about the conception and organization of retail sales, and learn the techniques for identification and retention of key customers.

Course content

Theoretical classes: 

  • The fundamentals of sales and sales management
  • Organizing sales
  • Internet as a sales channel
  • The characteristics of online sales
  • Sales and sales approach
  • Sales skills
  • Understanding customers’ needs
  • Communication with customers
  • Sales techniques
  • Sales presentation skills
  • Customer behavior
  • Post-sales and complaint resolution
  • Caring for key customers
  • Electronic communication and sales

Practical classes:

  • Defining an internet sales strategy
  • Communication with customers
  • Sales techniques
  • Sales presentation skills
  • Examples of good and poor sales approaches
  • Developing sales skills