Study program/study programs: Information Technologies

Study type and level: Master’s applied studies

Course title: Introduction to Applied Research

Course status: compulsory


Course objectives

Introducing students to all stages of the research process, from problem finding, writing reports on the conducted research, to publishing results, especially in the field of applied research in information technologies which are necessary for solving practical problems, including writing an applied master’s thesis. 

Course outcomes

Students will be able to participate in applied research in the field of information technologies, to explain the place of applied research in scientific research, to formulate original ideas, to define starting points for problem solving, to critically approach the selection of literature, to correctly present and evaluate their research results and compare them to the results of others, to present research results to a client/public, to write a professional paper, and to apply ethical principles in research work. They will be a link between scientific and organizational structures.  

Course content

  Theoretical classes

  • Research approach to problem solving, ideas, resources and ethical issues
  • Finding and using relevant literature
  • Problem formulation and hypothesis formation
  • Applied research methodology
  • Data collection, surveys and questionnaires
  • Experimental approach to research
  • Statistical method for research result assessment
  • Research result assessment and comparison
  • Presenting results
  • Scientific paper preparation, correct referencing, publication
  • Preparation of oral and poster presentations


  • Practical classes
  • Applied research project within which students will go through the entire process of researching, identifying and formulating a research problem, selecting a research method, obtaining results, assessing and presenting them.