Study program: E-BUSINESS

Subject: E-Banking

Status: elective

ECTS credits: 8

Course objective

Mastering the theoretical basis and becoming familiar with the technological realizations of e-banking. Implementing e-business techniques in e-banking.

Course outcome

The students will be introduced to the characteristics of e-money, the factors that led to the development of e-money, the payment systems based on e-money, the types of banks, the types and role of international financial institutions, electronic payment models, online and offline e-money systems, the reasons that led to the emergence of banks on the Internet, e-banking services, the types and characteristics of payment cards, vard organizations and their role in the process of realization of payment card transactions, the characteristics and way of realization of ATM, POS terminal and internet transactions. The students will learn about the role of processor in processing electronic financial transactions, the operation of SWIFT and TARGET, what are the methods of abuse in e-banking and categories of risk faced by financial institutions, the methods and techniques of protection implemented at transaction level, payment card level and the level of devices used for transaction processing.

Course content 

  • The basic concepts of banking
  • Payments and e-banking
  • Users’ new needs and demographic trends
  • The technical and technological basis of e-banking
  • Security and protective measures
  • Interbank communications
  • High value transactions
  • Distribution systems
  • Payments in e-commerce
  • Electronic financial systems
  • The institutional aspects of e-banking and payments in Serbia
  • Payment instrumente
  • Calculation system
  • Securities trading process
  • Reducing costs through the implementation of e-banking
  • Banking on the Internet and online markets
  • Use of e-banking in Serbia