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Aleksandra Rosić has 22 years of teaching experience at all levels of education (teacher at a primary and secondary school, teaching fellow at the Metropolitan University and School of Computing, associate in realizing student practice at undergraduate and Master’s studies at the Faculty of Mathematics, ITS), and four years of experience at the Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation as an advisor-coordinator for mathematics.

She currently attends PhD studies at the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Mathematics. She completed a specialist course in 2008 at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade the topic of which was algebra (Symmetric Polynomials and Corresponding Inequalities). She is the author of several professional papers, workbooks, as well as a mathematical task that was included in the global PISA test for 2012.

She is also the author of two popular science series dedicated to mathematics and mathematical questions in the RTS’s game show The Chase. She collaborated with several institutions, either as a lecturer, or science communicator (Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Center for the Promotion of Science, Researchers’ Night, PISA team 2006-2012, Petnica Science Center, etc.). She has passed state license exams that enable her to work in education, government bodies, and as an external evaluator in education.

She is a five-time recipient of the recognition letter awarded by the Faculty of Mathematics for collaboration and contribution.