Study program: E-BUSINESS

Subject: Business Communication

Status: Compulsory

ECTS credits: 7

Course objective

Business communication is a specialized discipline based on knowledge from psychology, communication science, management, marketing, information technology and sales.

The objective of the Business Communication course is to enable the students to master the fundamentals of electronic business communication, the concepts of e-business development, as well as understand the necessity of doing business online and using mobile devices.

Course outcome

The students will understand the mental principles of communication as an interpersonal process, perceive and understand the main reasons why there are many misconceptions when it comes to defining interpersonal communication, understand the basic principles of verbal and nonverbal communication. The students will learn the essence of the business communication process through identifying the participants, the content, the channels and the temporal dynamics, understand the basic principles of building good relationships between partners in business communication be able to differentiate between different kinds of business communication and understand the circumstances in which a particular technique is adequate, they will acquire the skills that will help them follow the circular flow of a message in business communication and plan reactions adequate for certain business situations; they will develop skills in the research area of PR, learn about the planning and realization of PR activities, conducting PR campaigns in crisis situations, acquire knowledge and skills in presenting as a form of business communication, develop skills relevant for creating slides and the general organization of images for the purposes of a computer presentation, develop public speaking skills on concrete examples, perceive the importance of research in the function of public presence, master the major skills regarding the preparation for negotiations, learn what knowledge and skills a good negotiator ought to have, be introduced to the typology of negotiators, learn how to use verbal and nonverbal messages to create prerequisites for the realization of a win-win strategy, learn how and when to exert pressure in communication, learn what sorts of research are adequate for internal PR, know how motivators work in a business relationship between managers and employees, as well as how and way business meetings are organized and held.

Course content

Theoretical classes

  • The basic concepts and role of business communication
  • Communication processes
  • Contemporary business communication channels
  • Technological support to business communication
  • Types of business communication
  • Areas of business communication
  • The use of business & communication in negotiation and sales
  • Using visual means in communication
  • Ethical, aesthetical and moral aspects of business communication
  • Efficient written communication
  • Internet and business communication

Practical classes

  • Using the Internet and mobile technologies as means of business communication
  • Efficient written communication
  • Efficient sales communication
  • Negotiation skill development
  • Using different types and forms of business communication
  • Using visual means of communication