Study program: E-BUSINESS


Status: Compulsory

ECTS credits: 6

Course objective

The objective of the Project Management segment of this course is the acquisition and adoption of fundamental knowledge in theory of project management referring to information technology, especially bearing in mind the scientifically founded and practically proven concept of project management. The objective of the Human Resource Management segment is the acquisition and adoption of fundamental knowledge from the HR management field, concerning all phases of the managerial projects.

Course outcome

The students will learn about the goal of human resource management, its scope, the models that are used and the factors that affect the development of human resource management, the elements of the HR management process, the characteristics of HR planning, the forms and phases of employment, the importance of employee education and training, the types and level of education and training, the forms of the cessation of employment, the elements of the employment contract. The segment of the course which focuses on project management, the students will learn about the phases of project life cycle, the characteristics of the project realization management concept, the approaches to choosing the organizational structure adequate for the project, the role of project manager, the types of contract, risk management in contract, the monitoring and realization of project realization, the system of reporting during project realization, the methods and techniques used in project realization management.

Course content

  Project management:

  • Project – concept and types
  • Life cycle of a project
  • The concept of project management
  • Organizational structure in project management
  • Human resources in project management concept
  • Agreeing upon project realization
  • Project quality management
  • Risk management in a project
  • Communication management in a project
  • Change management in a project
  • Planning the realization of a project
  • Project realization monitoring and control
  • Reporting on project realization
  • Methods and techniques in the project management concept
  • Project management software

  Human resource management:

  • Introduction to human resource management
  • The human resource management process
  • Planning
  • Employment
  • Job induction
  • Education and training
  • Appraisal
  • Motivation
  • Health and safety
  • Employee career management
  • Termination